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I had a long talk with the tech at the 1,000 mile service appointment about this subject. Even though the tech seemed to be pushing the 0 degree camber setting (the street setting really is 0 degrees!), my experience with autocross racing led me to believe that setting it like that would seriously affect my "spirited" street driving experience. You can have them set it to whatever setting you want, so it's definitely something to think through before you go for your 1,000 mile check in. After all was said and done, the "-2 degrees" I had agreed to came out to -1.6 degrees on the very nice printout he gave me. That's NOT a whole lot of camber for a car expected to see high cornering forces! Weird to think that Nissan would want customers to set it to 0 degrees, but maybe I'll think otherwise if the tires wear out the inside edges in a couple of months. I can't think of a single sports car that I've owned that started with anything close to a 0 degree camber setting. Anyone else have any thoughts/experiences with this process? I really would love to hear if anyone found that the street setting hooked up any better on the drag strip, as I can see that being an environment where that 0 degree setting allowed for significantly more contact patch at launch.
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