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Default 1,000 mile check-in experience

I'm curious if anyone has had their GTR's alignment adjusted different from the "track tuned" setting that it comes with from the factory. I just had my 1,000 mile check-in and they asked if I wanted it set up as it came or for more typical street driving. I had them reset it to the same specs it came with (turns out it wasn't off by much), but I am curious how adversely the "street" settings affect the handling. Basically they were going to set the alignment to 0 degrees camber instead of -2 degrees. Anyone test things out before and after these adjustments? Or has anyone found that it hooks up better on the drag strip with the 0 degree camber setting? Seems like there would be more contact patch on the tires which could give a little better straight-line traction. Thoughts?
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