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Originally Posted by nissanfixr View Post
It's a quote I heard in training class from the instructor last week. We all know what it is and how to do it...but the instructor said about 6 or 7 times, "Launch mode does not exist".
Nothing is official unless you see it in writing, and interpretation of what the owners manual says might be a future litigation issue if an $18,000 trans comes apart.
Take it for what you think it's worth, and time will tell if warranty will pay for failures resulting from doing it.
I just want to warn people...It might save someone a few bucks if they're smart enough to think twice.

This is not a 350Z production car, and the data may or may not be stored in the ECM.
Make sure you read and understand everything you sign when you take delivery.
Thanks for that info.

It seems like Nissans Stance on LC is pretty close to official then. Pretty cut and dry if they say it 6-7 times.

A question Nissanfixr? Do you know of any of the cars already out there having transmission problems resulting from LC or just in general? Now that is the the real question we need to be concerned with

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