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Yeah, most likely C&D did not use LC -- the times are consistent with a non-LC time.

AND if Nissan doesn't "know" about LC, they wouldn't have gotten the 3.5 0-60 they advertised in November '07. So the Nissan doesn't know line is poop.

The statement of VDC off voids warranty is also poop. Nissan GT-R website says VDC can be turned off if the driver doesn't want VDC assist. Owners manual says you can turn VDC off in situations where VDC on affects drivability.

And you can dump ECM stored data. In other words, if a tech can dump it with Consult, I can also wipe out stored data.

Will I drive my GT-R with VDC off -- you bettcha. I drive my Z car with VDC off except in slippery road conditions. Same will hold true for the GT-R.

Geez, my '03 Z was ultra modified and running FI 9 months after I bought it. AND I still got all the warranty work done. It all comes down to your relationship with the dealership's Service Manager.

Will my warranty go void -- nope.

Soooooo... I'm not putting a lot of stock in this chicken little warranty hoopla.
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