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This was sent to me by nissanfixer and it made me feel a lot better.
Thanks man, its good to have a pro mechanic on the site.

Many things could be causing slower times now that the engine has some miles on it. That is one reason the Free Performance Optimization services are so important. Part of it is balancing the right and left air intake,(computer relearn) for the optimum fuel delivery. Can only be done with Dealership laptop and software.

Only if there is catastrophic failure of an expensive part, like the engine or trans, that nissan would be paying for on a warranty claim, would warrant the tech going in and pulling out the drive history. He may also use it to go in and look at the driving habits to recommend a more frequent service interval if he sees the car is being used aggressively.
We are not going to "report anyone" per sey, for using launch mode, and it probably wont hurt to do it once in awile. Just know that if something DOES happen, the factory will want to know what caused it, and will be asking for the data stored in the vehicle.
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