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Nissan does not mention " Launch Mode" in any manual, and does not officially know what Launch mode is. It was invented by someone abusing the intended design of the car, and then advertised on the internet.
If LC is used, and there is a failure, warranty will not pay. Throttle position, vehicle speed, engine RPM, G force, Fuel trim, brake pedal position, ect, will be used to document veh. has been driven in "LC mode"
The technology is in place to deny warranty claims on this car, due to the high cost of the parts.
If you modify anything in any way, or abuse the intended design, or do not follow the published service requirements to the tee, well, all I can say is get out your wallet.
The car was designed to run on a race track at 200MPH. Not 1/4 mile sprints.
Read your manuals very carefully, and do not deviate from the recommendations or requirements....and remember to follow all highway speed laws!!
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