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Originally Posted by Swisspeedy View Post
Hey, as we are onto colors, I have two questions with respect to the paint job. Here in Switzerland we get almost no information. I had to choose a color, but would perhaps change my choice with more info.

Q1: Is the white a pearl white or a solid white? I use to have an Audi Quattro pearl white and it was gorgeous, especially at night with a light on it. It just glowed.

Q2: The brochure mentions that the special silver has three additional clear coats to give it a special effect (makes me think of the Porsche Turbo in the early eighties.) Anyway, my question is whether the other metalics also have 3 extra clear coats? Or is it only the silver?

I might still have time to change my current choice (gun metalic). Help...

-Only the Super Silver has the 3 extra coats. Thats why it cost a little more.
-The white is pearl white, much like the Infinity pearl White color.
In Japan, it is an option to get the 5 year paint coat on your car...It is not an option for the US, Im not to sure for the rest of the world market...
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