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All 2009 Model gtr purchased from the dealer Are US spec cars and NO the ac is exactly the same and so is the radiator , and yes the sales person is failing to tell you the truth.

when they first one arrived it was sold for 540000 dirhams , some time later the price droped to 450000.
and then 390000.

It makes sense becuase a premium edition gtr from the dealers in the US costed at time of luanch about 293000 dirhams . no wonder the price dropped.

However the 2011 Model will have satnav LED lights on the Front Bumper ,White signal lights , an extra engine oil cooler and bigger brake rotors and an extra 50 HP .i am not sure about the radiator , the sales person told me the price will be 450000.

The price of the 2010 red one standing at the dealer in deirah last time i checked was 390000.
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