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Default Potential GTR purchase...need help.

I am currently in the market for a GTR. I had not driven one until a few days ago, and I was blown away.
I sued to own a '08 911 turbo and was looking to get into a '10 turbo, but was a bit hesitant due to the price. So i poked my head into a used car dealer the other day and drove a GTR. Nice....very nice...

I have been doing some research, and am really confused. I have gone thru the thread here, and have come up with a few questions, which I would highly appreciate being answered. So here goes:

1. GCC vs US Spec: The one I saw and have been seeing on Dubizzle are US spec, i.e. have mph and kph on the speedo. I have been told that there is warranty, do our dealerships honor that warranty?

2. Maintainance costs: from what I gather on this forum - 1,200 per oil change (what are the intervals) and 6k for the tranny oil change. (Is it really that high, and does it need to be changed every 15k)?

3. SATNAV: Now this is a biggie for me (I am all about the bells and whistles in a car). Do these cars have SATNAV? Theone I test drove just showed the pacific ocean (it has the gold seats). Is there any way we can get UAE maps installed? Is it really 24k AED as someone suggested on this board?

4. iPod connectivity: The car i test drove only had AUX connection, so I am guessing no iPod. Is it easily installed, so as to change the track etc, from the touch screen? Also would the tract titles be displayed on the screen?

5. Warranty is very important for me, so can you please advise me what I should look for when I am looking at more cars in the next few weeks?

6. Do any of the GTRs have parking sensors? Also I am assuming that rear view camera's would be an easy install here locally?

7. Is there any particular model year I should shy away from? How are these cars based on reliability?

Sorry for all the questions, but I am so new to the GTR, that I feel I am novice here.

Thanks in advance.
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