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Before even considering to buy a gtr you need to understand a couple of things :

1 . This car was not engineered to be a drag racing monster , yes it will do 0 - 100 in 3.6 seconds with VDC on but you need to be very carful doing that... it will cost you. " dont over do it "

2 . This is the first super car the dealer gets in its combined years of operation so dont expect the service to be on the ball every time .

3 . Parts at the dealer will be expensive but you can find the exact same parts on the internet for almost a third of the price.


Now lets come to your questions :

GCC : Has a Cheap tin plate on the driver side door that says this car conforms to the gcc standards, a navigation system and a three year warranty. Oh Ya and is over priced.

You have to promise that

1 . You know that the parts will be expensive .
2 . You will only service the car at the dealer.
3 . You will not Modify Anything on the car and they Mean it.
4 . You will not turn VDC off.
5 . You will not deny them access to your Black Box which will record evrything you do.

At time of purchase you will sign on a paper agreeing to all of that.

US spec : I got mine from the dealer but it is us spec .

if it was from the dealer it will have warranty provided the previous owner didnt violate any of the things listed above.

Or an imported one : No cheap plate , no navigation , odd radio frequency does not tune all of our radio stations . and lower price tag.

You have to Promise :

1 . Put your hand in your pocket and see how deep it is. the deeper it is the more potential Hp you can get.

2 . that you know that If you start going down that lane you will never stop.

Simply put : You will eventually think about .... No you will start modifying your GTR , and let me tell you in my two years of ownership the only thing i got changed with warranty is the guage cluster becuase of a broken light bulb.

As we speak my car is in the dealership getting the warranty voided ...i am installing an exhuast system.


Service will cost around a 1000 , engine oil will be changed at 10000km intervals , gear oil does not need to be changed unless it records on the black box a certain high temprature .

The brake rotors cost 16000 dhs and the brake pads 15000 dhs .

But like i said go on the internet and you will find that they are much cheaper .


Satnav honasly i dont know i think i read somware in the navigation in the uae that it was for 5000 dhs .
and i dont care .


Ipod connectivity : I dont have one so i wouldnt Know.


Warranty : if you intend on purchasing used take it to the dealer and they can tell you if it has it or not " Black box remember " .


I havnt seen sensors on any But you will have to consult the dealer if that is allowed or not.


I would say dont buy used , If you can make arrangments to get it directly from a dealer from the US it would be Better .

Hope this helps
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