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Default Navigation speed sensor bypass, IT'S HERE

This is the bypass kit for your speed sensor while moving, so you can use nearly any feature on the GT-R's screen while moving. Kit comes with all wiring needed and detailed instructions. Install shouldn't take more than 1 hour it is as simple as it gets.
+ YouTube Video
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I am now taking order they will ship out in batches of 10 or so. This kit does not come with a switch because people like different switches some like the airplane style flip switches and other like just plain switches. I will include the switch of your choice for an extra 10 dollars (assuming the switch is under 10 dollars)otherwise it is your job to go to your local radio shack or pepboy and pick out the switch that is for YOU!
I already have 10 made
100 dollars a piece shipped to the lower 48 states
Paypal is tcsbutton@yahoo.com please feel free to send payment whenever.
1.goodwood paid
Their are also threads in the for sale section and audio mods
I also made a thread yesterday because I messed my car up, by letting the battery get to low while messing with the ipod system I want to assure everyone that that has nothing to do with this mod and was from my stupidity messing with the ipod connections hehe.
Disclaimer- This item is for off road use only, please do not use while on public streets, for passenger use only. always pay attention to the road while driving.

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