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Default I agree....somewhat

Originally Posted by ryanandstacey View Post
Scott, With all due respect, the pure measure and benchmark, since the 1960's, of a performance car always has been 0-60 and 1/4 mile times. Therefore, shouldn't advertised abilities of the vehicle be achievable by it's owners (rhetorical question of course)??
I agree that 1/4 mile and 0-60 mph are the benchmarks, but what these guys are doing is basically a neutral drop...I don't care how they mask it. Nissan hyped this car to the all the editors of the car mags and one of the discussions was "launch mode" but I can assure you that the marketing team doesn't write the warranty manual on the car, the engineers do. I have never read an advertisement pushing the "Launch Mode", just the Mag's saying it can be done. I have also heard mentioned that if you turn off your VDC it voids your warranty. NOT TRUE. VDC off is if your wheels are stuck and you need the system to not retard the spin. I drove this car on a track, and I have stomped on it...this fricking thing is quick, if you want to make it insane then use the launch mode, but expect to be needing a trans real soon.

The biggest shame is now I am reading in this forum that people are thinking twice about buying a GT-R because of these folks that seem to have more money than brains. FACT...THEY ARE JUST BEATING THEIR CARS!!!
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