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Default Looking for UAE GT-R owners to be in a new performance auto TV show!

Hello everyone. We have been in discussion with a company in UAE who produces television shows. They contacted NissanGTRclub.com and www.SpeedForSale.com about wanting to work with us to find some GT-R owners and other high end cars to be featured in their upcoming television show. I cannot give away many details about the program right now including the production company, name, or location, but can tell you it is aiming to be a very diverse show about all aspects of performance cars, driving, and lifestyle.

So, if you are interested in doing a 5-10 minute interview about your GT-R, please post up pictures of your GT-R and it's modification list here in this thread. If we choose your GT-R, we will contact you via PM about it. Also, we will probably be organizing a large UAE GT-R gathering for all GT-R owners to attend when these interviews are recorded, so all GT-R owners have a chance at being in the television program! Other high end cars will also be considered, so feel free to post up what you have.
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