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dxbgtr 12-18-2010 01:03 PM

Potential GTR purchase...need help.
I am currently in the market for a GTR. I had not driven one until a few days ago, and I was blown away.
I sued to own a '08 911 turbo and was looking to get into a '10 turbo, but was a bit hesitant due to the price. So i poked my head into a used car dealer the other day and drove a GTR. Nice....very nice...

I have been doing some research, and am really confused. I have gone thru the thread here, and have come up with a few questions, which I would highly appreciate being answered. So here goes:

1. GCC vs US Spec: The one I saw and have been seeing on Dubizzle are US spec, i.e. have mph and kph on the speedo. I have been told that there is warranty, do our dealerships honor that warranty?

2. Maintainance costs: from what I gather on this forum - 1,200 per oil change (what are the intervals) and 6k for the tranny oil change. (Is it really that high, and does it need to be changed every 15k)?

3. SATNAV: Now this is a biggie for me (I am all about the bells and whistles in a car). Do these cars have SATNAV? Theone I test drove just showed the pacific ocean (it has the gold seats). Is there any way we can get UAE maps installed? Is it really 24k AED as someone suggested on this board?

4. iPod connectivity: The car i test drove only had AUX connection, so I am guessing no iPod. Is it easily installed, so as to change the track etc, from the touch screen? Also would the tract titles be displayed on the screen?

5. Warranty is very important for me, so can you please advise me what I should look for when I am looking at more cars in the next few weeks?

6. Do any of the GTRs have parking sensors? Also I am assuming that rear view camera's would be an easy install here locally?

7. Is there any particular model year I should shy away from? How are these cars based on reliability?

Sorry for all the questions, but I am so new to the GTR, that I feel I am novice here.

Thanks in advance.

DXB_zillaz 01-22-2011 08:23 AM

Food for thought

Before even considering to buy a gtr you need to understand a couple of things :

1 . This car was not engineered to be a drag racing monster , yes it will do 0 - 100 in 3.6 seconds with VDC on but you need to be very carful doing that... it will cost you. " dont over do it "

2 . This is the first super car the dealer gets in its combined years of operation so dont expect the service to be on the ball every time .

3 . Parts at the dealer will be expensive but you can find the exact same parts on the internet for almost a third of the price.


Now lets come to your questions :

GCC : Has a Cheap tin plate on the driver side door that says this car conforms to the gcc standards, a navigation system and a three year warranty. Oh Ya and is over priced.

You have to promise that

1 . You know that the parts will be expensive .
2 . You will only service the car at the dealer.
3 . You will not Modify Anything on the car and they Mean it.
4 . You will not turn VDC off.
5 . You will not deny them access to your Black Box which will record evrything you do.

At time of purchase you will sign on a paper agreeing to all of that.

US spec : I got mine from the dealer but it is us spec .

if it was from the dealer it will have warranty provided the previous owner didnt violate any of the things listed above.

Or an imported one : No cheap plate , no navigation , odd radio frequency does not tune all of our radio stations . and lower price tag.

You have to Promise :

1 . Put your hand in your pocket and see how deep it is. the deeper it is the more potential Hp you can get.

2 . that you know that If you start going down that lane you will never stop.

Simply put : You will eventually think about .... No you will start modifying your GTR , and let me tell you in my two years of ownership the only thing i got changed with warranty is the guage cluster becuase of a broken light bulb.

As we speak my car is in the dealership getting the warranty voided ...i am installing an exhuast system.


Service will cost around a 1000 , engine oil will be changed at 10000km intervals , gear oil does not need to be changed unless it records on the black box a certain high temprature .

The brake rotors cost 16000 dhs and the brake pads 15000 dhs .

But like i said go on the internet and you will find that they are much cheaper .


Satnav honasly i dont know i think i read somware in the navigation in the uae that it was for 5000 dhs .
and i dont care .


Ipod connectivity : I dont have one so i wouldnt Know.


Warranty : if you intend on purchasing used take it to the dealer and they can tell you if it has it or not " Black box remember " .


I havnt seen sensors on any But you will have to consult the dealer if that is allowed or not.


I would say dont buy used , If you can make arrangments to get it directly from a dealer from the US it would be Better .

Hope this helps

Skatina 02-17-2011 02:02 AM

Hi there, thanks for detail questions and answers. I am also in the process of buying a pre owned one. Had a gtr for the past 2 years in Europe and no way I will even think about buying something else....

Coming back on the GCC Spec. Some sales guys told me that this is very important because those with this tag got cooling system and air cond. modified to bear the golf high summer temperatures. I believe this is just a lie... in my view nissan selling this car to the european and US Markets, then cars get imported from US and some of them get the GCC tag and benefit from the warranty. All this to say that technically both US and GCC cars are exactly the same. Am I right or am I missing something here ?
Many thanks for your help

DXB_zillaz 02-17-2011 07:19 AM


All 2009 Model gtr purchased from the dealer Are US spec cars and NO the ac is exactly the same and so is the radiator , and yes the sales person is failing to tell you the truth.

when they first one arrived it was sold for 540000 dirhams , some time later the price droped to 450000.
and then 390000.

It makes sense becuase a premium edition gtr from the dealers in the US costed at time of luanch about 293000 dirhams . no wonder the price dropped.

However the 2011 Model will have satnav LED lights on the Front Bumper ,White signal lights , an extra engine oil cooler and bigger brake rotors and an extra 50 HP .i am not sure about the radiator , the sales person told me the price will be 450000.

The price of the 2010 red one standing at the dealer in deirah last time i checked was 390000.

Skatina 02-17-2011 10:59 AM

Many thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.

michel austin 07-07-2012 12:24 PM

Led lights
With the development of high-power LEDs the devices are subjected to higher junction temperatures and higher current densities than traditional devices. This causes stress on the material and may cause early light-output degradation.


A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.
Henry Ford

Mosdban 02-21-2013 06:40 AM


Originally Posted by michel austin (Post 23233)
With the development of high-power LEDs the devices are subjected to higher junction temperatures and higher current densities than traditional devices. This causes stress on the material and may cause early light-output degradation.

I believe led components deliver good performance but your experience is bit different.

Mosdban 02-22-2013 04:02 AM


Originally Posted by Mosdban (Post 24658)
I believe led components deliver good performance but your experience car parts is bit different.

According to me led components are very effective.

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