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daftinnovations 11-13-2008 04:18 PM

NEED GTR for Toy Drive Car Show Norcal
We are trying to get a gtr r35 to show up to the car show toy drive. Please let us know thanks.

Toy Drive / Car Show Dec 7th 2008

Location: 5666 Pirrone Rd Salida, Ca 95368 / Exit Hammit Rd off HWY 99. In 4 Wheel Parts Parking lot. CAN EASILY BE SEEN FROM FREEWAY. LOCATED ON FRONTAGE RD. Salida is between Stockton and

Time/Date: Car show vehicles must arrive between 8:00am and 9:45 am. Car Show/Toy Drive will be from 10:30am to 5:00 pm. This event will be held on Dec 7th 2008.

Purpose: Strike Speed Auto, 4 Wheel Parts and Daft Innovations have teamed up with the Salvation Army to have a car show to get toys for less fortunate kids in the surrounding community's in Northern California. This will be the third drive that SSAUTO has organized consecutively.

Admission: Bring a toy for the entry fee. There will be Barrels supplied around the location for toy drop off.

The goal here is to target a large group of people and not leave anything out. We are hoping for old school jdm, new school jdm/vip. Old school muscle as well as new school muscle cars. Other things that we are trying to get is lifted and lowered trucks, Rock crawlers. Stunt bike crews will be a plus. We are trying to target everyone and not favor one type of style/make/model.

If you have any questions regarding this event please contact us at


zcargtr83 11-13-2008 07:11 PM

I will be there to support you guys... I'll bring the ZCG GTR with me as well!

I hope to se a lot of you guys out here to support great cause!

Take a look at the ZCG gtr at the links below:
GTR Blog:


GT Channel:

Z Car Garage:


daftinnovations 11-13-2008 07:48 PM

sweet !! I want to see a nice turn out. This should be awesome. I will repost a week prior the event to remind everyone dec 7th 2008.

speedracer 11-15-2008 02:24 AM

Im in if you need.

daftinnovations 11-17-2008 03:02 PM

Anyone who can come out and support this event would be awesome. Hope to see everyone there.

daftinnovations 12-01-2008 09:08 PM

Just a reminder for everyone about the car show. Hope to see some gtrs out there. thanks


JeremyBlackwell 12-08-2008 03:35 AM

So, how was the GT-R turnout at the show? Does anyone have pictures?

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