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Mansoor A.
This client purchased a DressUpBolts 56pc engine bay kit and OEM Nissan parts.

Year/Model: 2010 Nissan GT-R Dyno: . hp,. tq
Location: South Africa 1/4 Mile: . @ .

Chris M.

Year/Model: 240Z 240Z Dyno: (none)
Location: USA 1/4 Mile: (none)

No image
Lexus SC300 5-speed manual (original) brought into SFS to the have an R154 5-speed transmission fully built and installed with V3 short shifter. Stock NA engine. USDM 2JZGTE stock twin conversion soon. Custom 4.272 rear diff w/Torsen LSD, full TT brake conversion, Gixxer/Bilstein suspension, M2 catback exhaust, more.

Year/Model: 1993 Lexus Dyno: (none)
Location: Los Angeles, CA 1/4 Mile: None

Cameron K.
This client purchased RacingBrake 388mm Front Rotors and a KM Front Strut Tower brace from us for his often tracked GT-R.

Year/Model: 2009 Nissan GTR Dyno: (none)
Location: Florida 1/4 Mile: (none)

Daniel C.
This client brought us his brand new SVT Raptor to install the flowing parts: - RPG Stage 3 rear suspension upgrade - RPG Frame support with air bump mounts - FOX 2.5 Air bump-stops - National leaf springs - Delrin Pad Extensions - Axle Impact Pads - ADD Front stealth Bumper with 40” Ridged Dual Led Lights - Recon 10.5 Winch - Reinforced front spindles - Custom mounting of supercharger heat exchanger to clearance the winch - Glassworks Unlimited Raptor Edition Fenders

Year/Model: 2012 Ford SVT Raptor Dyno: (none)
Location: Virginia 1/4 Mile: (none)

Tony G.
SpeedForSale sold this client the following parts: - SpeedForSale Stage 2 Transmission Build - AccessPORT with Custom Tune - AAM Fuel System - ID1000cc injectors - Dodson coolant temp switch - BNR turbochargers - Akuma intakes - 2012 Nissan turbo inlet pipes - Aeromotive fuel pumps - HKS spark plugs - CNC Wheel spacers - Eibach Pro Kit springs - Aerocatch hood latches - AAM Non-resonated mid-pipe - More!

Year/Model: 2009 Nissan GTR Dyno: (none)
Location: Beirut, Lebanon 1/4 Mile: (none)

Tyler F.
SpeedForSale supplied and installed the following parts on this client's Supra: - Full 6-speed V160 transmission and differential conversion using all new parts - Exedy triple disc clutch and flywheel - NA-T Turbo Conversion - Tomei fuel pressure regulator - ETS 4” intercooler - Koyo radiator - MAP ECU with dyno tuning - Radiator cooling panel - Lots of maintenance items

Year/Model: 1997 Toyota Supra Dyno: (none)
Location: Woodstock, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Brian C.
This client purchased these parts, which we then installed on his GTR: - SpeedForSale's 90mm 3.5" Resonated Heat Wrapped Mid-Pipe - DBA 5000 series Slotted rotors - Endless MX72 brake pads - SpeedForSale DOT brake lines - Dodson differential cooling scoop - Dodson GR6 transmission fluid - Dodson reusable transmission filter - Dodson pan filter magnet kit - Motul RBF600 brake fluid - Motul FF Competition 75w140 - OEM Nissan items for 18k mile service

Year/Model: 2009 Nissan GTR Dyno: (none)
Location: South Carolina 1/4 Mile: (none)

Howard W.
This SpeedForSale sponsored GT3 Cup Car came in for the following services: - Installed a Lithionics L13 Lithium battery, with a 13lbs fiberglass case. (customer also purchased a L13 rescue charger). - Installed Bosch y5ddc spark plugs. - Changed Oil filter and Oil with Motul 5W-40 synthetic oil. - Performed a complete vehicle inspection with bolt marking.

Year/Model: 2007 Porsche GT3 Cup Car Dyno: (none)
Location: Evansville, IN 1/4 Mile: (none)

Jeremy S.
This client brought us his clean RX7 to replace the pilot bearing, clutch disc, and the throw out bearing. We also polished the transmission input shaft, and bled the clutch.

Year/Model: 1994 Mazda RX7 Dyno: (none)
Location: Suwanee, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Danny P.
SpeedForSale supplied and installed the following parts: - AAM Mid pipe - Injector Dynamics 1000 CC - Cobb Access port - Deatswerks Fuel pump kit - ID 1000 CC pigtails - HKS spark plugs - Dodson diff scoop - Nissan smart key battery - HKS EVC6 cup holder panel - Preformed GTR 18K service (changed engine oil, transmission fluid, front and rear differential fluid). - Dodson GR6 High Performance Transmission Oil - Dodson Pan Filter Kit (Magnet Kit) - Dodson Reusable Transmission Filter - Magnetic Engine Oil Pan Drain Plug - Mobil 1 0W-40 Engine Oil - Nissan OEM Engine Oil Drain Plug Washer - Fill plug washer for front and rear differential - Rear Differential drain plug - Transmission pan gasket - HKS oil filter - Motul Gear FF Competition 75W-140(LSD)-100% Synthetic Ester - Nissan towing hook We finished the service with a complete car inspection, followed by Dyno Tuning for the Cobb Access port and the HKS EVC6 Boost Controller.

Year/Model: 2009 Nissan GTR Dyno: (none)
Location: Martin, TN 1/4 Mile: (none)

This client purchased transmission upgrades, exterior upgrades, and various other aesthetic upgrades for his Matte Black GT-R.

Year/Model: 2009 Nissan GT-R Dyno: (none)
Location: Lebanon 1/4 Mile: (none)

This Alpha12 GT-R was built to run the standing mile event in Puerto Rico. SpeedForSale provided technical support and advice for the owner, and provided some hard core parts such as Albins 1-6 gearset, Alcon Super Kit big brake kit (RACE version), Aeromotions S2 wing, carbon fiber body panels, multiple suspension pieces, Dodson transmission goodies, and more!

Year/Model: 2012 Nissan GT-R Dyno: (none)
Location: Puerto Rico 1/4 Mile: (none)

SpeedForSale sponsored this GT-R race car and provided a LOT of parts for the interior, exterior, and drivetrain, including an Alpha12 long block, Alpha12 turbos, carbon fiber body pieces, suspension, transmission, cooling, and much, much more! Beautiful car!

Year/Model: 2010 Nissan GT-R Dyno: (none)
Location: Australia 1/4 Mile: (none)

Blue Godzilla (Salman Al-Hail)
Car Mods :- - AC Schnitzer Foiled (wrapped) - HKS "GT600" Kit - AMS Intercooler - CF GT1 Hood - CF OEM style - CF Grill - CF Miror lower cover - CF side gtr emblem cover - CF headlight Finisher - CF Interior - CF rear bumper accent - Toyo R888 4 Tires - Race Lug Nuts (Blue) - Dodson SportMan Clutch - Painted Caliper's - HKS Emblem's Location :- Doha / Qatar (Middle East)

Year/Model: 2009 Gt-R Dyno: 600 hp
Location: Doha 1/4 Mile: (none)

- Willall WR35TMVS Victory Spec Synthetic Transmission Fluid - Dodson 1st Gear and Input Shaft and input shaft circlip Kit - Dodson Clutch Shaft Piston Seals - Willall WR35PS Gearbox Piston Seal Replacement - Willall WR35CCL Clutch Retaining Clips - Dodson SuperStock 7 Plate Clutch Kit 650ft/lbs - Dodson Input Shaft Mechanical Circlip - 2mm - Dodson GR6 Output Shaft Mechanical Circlip - Dodson FWD gearlock - Dodson Pan Filter Kit (Magnet Kit) - Dodson Reuseable Transmission Filter - Dodson O Ring Kit (Dodson_R35_ORK) - Cobb AccessPORT NIS-006 - Injector Dynamics 1000cc Injectors x 6 + PnP Wiring Adaptors - Akuma BM Intake Kit - HKS Fuel Pump Kit for Nissan GTR - HKS Super Fire Racing Spark Plug (Heat Range 9) - AAM Competition GT900-R TurboCharger - AAM 900R Turbo Inlet suction pipe kit - AAM Wastgate Actuators - AAM Competition 3" Catless Downpipes - AAM 90mm Sport Exhaust (Titanium Rear Finish) - HKS Electronic Valve Controller VI (EVC 6) w/Software - AMS GT-R Front Mount Intercooler - Mishimoto Racing Aluminum Radiator

Year/Model: 2009 Skyline GT-R R35 Dyno: 900 RWHP hp
Location: Qatar 1/4 Mile: (none)

Soon American racing headers Borla aggresive cat back Intake fast 102mm with T\B Vararam Filter 160 stat

Year/Model: 2008 corvette C6 Z06 427 Limited edition Dyno: Not yet hp,Not yet tq
Location: Qatar 1/4 Mile: Not yet @ Not yet

No image
Stock 2jzgte, auto transmission. Planning on swapping into 2jzgte turbo 6 speed manual. Right now mostly trying to find a JDM motor with manual transmission, ecu, and all wiring harness attached. Main goal is to make it look fancy, but a monster sleeper.

Year/Model: 2001 Lexus is300 Dyno: (none)
Location: United States 1/4 Mile: (none)

Transmission: • Dodson FWD Mechanical Circlip • Dodson FWD output shaft • Dodson FWD Pinion • Dodson GR6 High Performance Transmission Oil • Dodson Magnet Kit for Transmission and Differential • Dodson O Ring Kit • Dodson Reusable Transmission Filter • Dodson Sportman's 800Ft/lbs Clutch Kit • Dodson Upgraded GR6 Oil Pump • Dodson Uprated Main Shaft and 1st Gear (Helical Cut) • Dodson GR6 Output Shaft Mechanical Circlip • Dodson Gear Selector Ring • Dodson clutch return spring seals x2 • SSP primary transmission fluid filter • OEM Nissan transmission pan gasket • OEM Nissan transmission filler plug gasket • OEM Nissan transmission drain plug and gasket Engine: • AAM Competition GT800R Turbo Upgrade • AAM Competition High Flow Fuel System • AAM Competition Intercooler Pipe Kit • AAM Competition Front Mount Intercooler • AAM Competition GT-R 90mm Premium Exhaust • AAM Competition Upper Intercooler Pipe Kit w/ Twin HKS SSQV BOV • Injector Dynamics 1000cc Injectors • Injector Dynamics pigtails x6 • Deatschwerks twin fuel pumps • Akuma 3" intakes • OEM Nissan BOV recirculation hoses • HKS Super Fire Spark Plugs • Cobb AccessPORT w/TCM Nissan GT-R • HKS EVC Electronic Boost Controller Here is a video but not my best time:

Year/Model: 2010 GT-R Dyno: 702 hp,650 tq
Location: ARLINGTON, VA 1/4 Mile: 10.1 @ 138

Josh B
Built GR6 transmission with Dodson parts, HKS DCT cooler, Bigger intake piping, 1000cc injectors, MAF sensors, AAM's Fuel system, and upgraded the cobb to version 6 with TCM.

Year/Model: 2010 Nissan GT-R Dyno: 700 hp,620 tq
Location: MD 1/4 Mile: 10.75 @ 135.5

Reid H
SpeedForSale sold radiator panel, custom leather glove box panel to Reid.

Year/Model: 1994 Toyota Supra TT Dyno: (none)
Location: Marlton, NJ 1/4 Mile: (none)


Year/Model: 2010 Nissan GTR R-35 Dyno: 760 hp,740 tq
Location: South-Africa 1/4 Mile: - @ -

Stock twins w/ Grex Intake, HDI FMIC, Trust exhaust, Turbosmart manual boost controller, Greddy BCC, Megan Coilovers, Dazz Matiz wheels.

Year/Model: 1994 Supra Dyno: (none)
Location: WI 1/4 Mile: (none)

Nash S.
After being at another shop in Atlanta and having a very poor ECU, SpeedForSale replaced parts, fixed various issues, and then dyno tuned Nash's beautiful Supra Turbo. The owner reported much better driveability, fuel economy, and reliable power.

Year/Model: 95 Toyota Supra Dyno: (none)
Location: Duluth, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Karl V.
SpeedForSale installed front suspension parts (Roll Center kit), and coilover kit, and corner balanced Karl's STi.

Year/Model: 2006 Subaru STi Dyno: (none)
Location: Marietta, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

No image
Dan Cordon
Primarily used for road course track days. It's an original hardtop TT car with a small single turbo conversion. Depending on the track and my mood I can run a 60-1, 62-1, or T67 turbo. Most of the modifications have been for improved braking (Hawk HT-10 pads with DBA 2-piece rotors) or cooling (sealed ducting from bumper opening to radiator). I have double adjustable Advance Design coilovers, and a handful of swaybars to play with to tune the roll stiffness to my liking. I've been experimenting with differen tire sizes and staggers trying to find a good balance between neutral handling and inexpensive track tires.

Year/Model: 1994 Toyota Supra TT Dyno: (none)
Location: Moscow, ID 1/4 Mile: (none)

Harmon motive 80mm race intake AAM midpipe no res no cats cobb ap with tcm

Year/Model: 2009 nissan gtr Dyno: (none)
Location: boston 1/4 Mile: (none)

Jason B.
Jason has purchased items such as Titek Y-pipe, T1R catback exhaust, Cobb AccessPORT, AAM cold air intakes v1, Stillen license plate bracket, Carbotech brake pads, TurboSmart BOV's, and more from SpeedForSale.

Year/Model: 2009 Nissan GT-R Dyno: (none)
Location: New York, NY 1/4 Mile: (none)

Tre J.
This GT-R has various modifications from SpeedForSale such as Motul fluids, Titek Y-pipe, Titek front lip, Titek side skirts, Carbotech brake pads, Stainless steel braided brake lines, Swift Anti-Sway bars, and more!

Year/Model: 2010 Nissan GT-R Dyno: (none)
Location: Las Vegas, NV 1/4 Mile: (none)

Stephen B.
Modifications include the SpeedForSale Track Brake Package, HKS GT570 kit, HKS Legamax exhaust, Cobb AccessPORT, and Greddy suction pipes.

Year/Model: 2008 Nissan GT-R Dyno: (none)
Location: Japan 1/4 Mile: (none)

Philippe G
Philippe has purchased Toyo R888 tires for his GT-R, which he uses at road course track days. Here are some videos of this GT-R outrunning a bunch of Porsches! I wanted to thank Jeremy for his advises on the Toyo. Additionally to the tires, I have the following parts: GTC outlet, midpies and exhaust T1R coilover with special Uniball Endless brake line AP Racing rotors Carbotech X12 pads Dodson Motorsport transmission cooler Special Stage 2 Cobb map by GTC (UK) as it is a European car Cobb anti-sway bars

Year/Model: 2009 Nissan GT-R Dyno: (none)
Location: Switzerland 1/4 Mile: (none)

Tim T.
Modifications include an HKS Legamax and other parts.

Year/Model: 2009 Nissan GT-R Dyno: (none)
Location: Canada 1/4 Mile: (none)

Jeff Reyes
Megan Racing Downpipes/Testpipes HKS Type 1 turbo timer HKS EVC-S Boost Controller HKS Hyper Exhaust Z1 Single Pop Charger Z1 hardpipes w/ HKS SSQV blow off valves

Year/Model: 1996 300ZX TT Dyno: (none)
Location: San Antonio, TX 1/4 Mile: (none)

GT28 turbo upgrade.

Year/Model: 1994 Supra TT Dyno: ?? hp
Location: cheseake, va 1/4 Mile: (none)

No image
Christopher Stout
Right now in the middle of going single, presision 72mm, greddy 3row, tial 44mm wastegate and 60mm blowoff valve, HKS TI exhaust. Wide open throttle motorsports"AZ" clutch with lightened flywheel. Ran off a AEM v2 standalone, boost controlled with a blitz sbc id3. Running a basic tein suspension, not to still just a great street ride, with ccw classics and the 315s on the rear. Pics coming soon.

Year/Model: 94 Supra Dyno: ? hp,? tq
Location: Kansas City 1/4 Mile: 12.4 @ 116

Archie L
SpeedForSale installed GT28 Turbo Kit, MAP ECU, Hybrid Intercooler, HKS DLI, Titan Cam Gears, Titan wideband kit, APE Shifter bushing, replaced oem fuel pump, and dyno tuned.

Year/Model: 1994 Toyota Supra Dyno: (none)
Location: Rolesville, NC 1/4 Mile: (none)

Chris Rooks
Bought this from Jeremy late August of 2009. It was a dream come true to find the car I've wanted for about 10 years, especially to find it sitting bone stock. 4 days before flying down to pick it up and drive it home I called Jeremy for a favor. I knew that I was going to be putting some "goodies" on it so i decided to have him install everything so it would be set up and ready for when I got there. We ordered the Tanabe Touring Medallion exhaust with downpipe, HKS SSQV BOV, HKS EVC6 boost controller, HKS turbo timer, K&N Cool air kit. After getting home I decided to install a HKS FMIC S type, TRD front strut brace, Megan Racing coil overs, and CCW LM20 18" 3 piece wheels. I bought it with 86500 miles and I'm getting ready to cross 89000 after 3 months. It's everything I thought it would be and has been worth every penny. I'm proud to call myself a Supra owner.

Year/Model: 1993.5 Supra Dyno: 397 hp
Location: Frankfort, KY 1/4 Mile: (none)

Amer Al Midfa
* HKS GT570 Racing Package * Cobb Tuning Anti-Sway Bars, Front & Rear * HKS Premium Suction Kit * Password:JDM Dry Carbon Fiber GT-R RAM Air Induction Snorkel * Meisterschaft Exhaust from GTHAUS * Advan AVS Model F7 20 inch * Video about my car sound

Year/Model: 2009 Nissan GT-R35 Dyno: (none)
Location: UAE 1/4 Mile: (none)

Steve B
SpeedForSale diagnosed and fixed Steve's Supra for stalling issues.

Year/Model: 1993 Toyota Supra Dyno: (none)
Location: Chamblee, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Lance T.
This ZR1 was built by SpeedForSale for use with 91 octane to obtain the typical performance that SpeedForSale typically targets, which includes a conservative air:fuel ratio (very low 11's) and ignition timing advance (12-13 degrees on 91 octane tune with no knock) with solid and reliable power gains throughout the RPM range. There is still more peak RWHP left on the table from 6000 RPM to 6800 RPM, but considering the car was tuned in Georgia for use in Arizona, everything was done very conservatively. This ZR1 makes over 400 RWTQ from 1300 RPM until redline, and over 600 RWTQ from around 3000 RPM until 5000 RPM. It made 125 more rwtq from 1000 RPM to 4500 RPM when compared to stock at only 3psi more boost! This ZR1 has mild modifications including a supercharger pulley, ported supercharger snout, 1 7/8" long tube stainless steel American Racing headers with Jet-Hot 2000 coating, 3" X-pipe with high flow catalytic converters (emissions legal,) custom ECU tune, short throw shifter, Katech supercharger heat exchanger, remote exhaust commander, and more tweaks...

Year/Model: 2010 ZR1 Corvette Dyno: 600 hp,638 tq
Location: Mesa, AZ 1/4 Mile: (none)

Brian S.
SpeedForSale sold Brian parts for his GT-R, and the car competed in the 2009 Gumball 3000 Rally.

Year/Model: 2009 Nissan GT-R Dyno: (none)
Location: Delray Beach, FL 1/4 Mile: (none)

SpeedForSale sold the following modifications, which were installed by Willall: Engine and Trans: PPG 1st gear set HKS Super Sequential BOV Kit HKS EVC 6 Boost Controller HKS A/F Knock AMP Sensor HKS super fire spark plugs 5Zigen downpipes 5Zigen Spec tune exhaust AAM engine oil cooler with custom fabricated lines AAM wastgate actuators SSP RS Clutch pack Duetschworks 800cc Fuel injectors MCR/ARC twin intercooler kit K&N Filters Exterior: Password JDM: RAM air induction snorkels NACA ducts Radiator cooling panel Intake Manifold Bonnet Boot lid Rear diffuser blades Rear speaker shelf Elevated rear spoiler Door sill covers Engine compartment covers Stillen: Front lip Side skirts Stainless steel brake lines Wheels, suspension and brakes: Volk TE37 G2 wheel Eibach springs Cobb Tuning Anti-Sway bar kit AP Racing J Hook Rotors Front AP Racing J Hook Rotors Rear Interior: MCR paddle shifter Sparco Steering wheel It also has the following modifications from Willall: Turbo upgrade (WR35TT ) Front Mount Transmission Oil Cooler (WR35TC) Rear Diff Cooler (WR35DC) Front Diff Cooler (WR35DC-F) High Volume Oil pan (WR35OP) Trans fluid (WR35TM) Diff Fluid (WR35DF) Motor Oil (WR35MO) Gearbox seals (WR35GS) Mid Pipe (WR35MP)

Year/Model: 2010 Nissan GT-R Dyno: (none)
Location: Australia 1/4 Mile: (none)

Jon H
SpeedForSale sold and installed T1R Coil Sleeve Kit, complete LED lighting conversion, Stillen sway bar kit, and also sold an AAM air intake kit.

Year/Model: 2009 Nissan GT-R Dyno: (none)
Location: Barbourville, KY 1/4 Mile: (none)

Mark P.
ARD Downpipes (Catless) Meisterschaft Resonated Midpipe Meisterschaft Quad Tip Stainless Catback Deutchwerks 800cc Injectors Synapse Twin BOV Kit ARD Intakes Haltech ECU (Tuned By Will T.) Video -

Year/Model: 2009 GTR Premium Dyno: 595 hp,610 tq
Location: Long Island, N.Y. 1/4 Mile: Unknown @ Unknown

Jason C.
Mods purchased from SpeedForSale include Titek Y-pipe, Titek Titanium catback exhaust, AAM Wastegate actuators, Cobb AccessPORT, T1R downpipes, HKS EVC6/EZ writer, Harman Motive cold air intake, HKS Spark Plugs, Eibach springs, Cobb Anti-Sway bars, Titek carbon muffler surrounds, Titek front grille, Seibon SS front lip, Titek carbon engine cover, Titek NACA hood ducts, Zele front fender grilles, and more to come!

Year/Model: 2009 Nissan GT-R Dyno: (none)
Location: Indianapolis, IN 1/4 Mile: (none)

Ahmed A.
Ahmed is currently in Washington DC working as a diplomat for UAE, and is returning to UAE soon along with his new GT-R! The modifications on his beautiful GT-R include Titek Titanium catback exhaust, Meisterschaft mid-pipe, Amuse front lip, Nissan JDM clear front and rear side markers, MANY Titek carbon fiber body pieces, Cobb AccessPORT, red pin stripe on the wheels, and much more! You can find a YouTube video that Ahmed made of his GT-R's exhaust sound here:

Year/Model: 2009 Nissan GT-R Dyno: 522 AWHP hp
Location: Washington DC / UAE 1/4 Mile: (none)

Talib S.
The following modifications were purchased from SpeedForSale: TurboSmart Twin BOV kit, T1R downpipes, HKS EVC6 boost controller with EZ Writer software, K&N air filters, CarboTech Brake pads on front and rear, and Cobb AccessPORT.

Year/Model: 2009 GT-R Dyno: (none)
Location: Dubai, UAE 1/4 Mile: (none)

Brian Anderson
WORLD RECORD HOLDER for the highest horsepower NON-turbo Supra! This Supra was shipped to SpeedForSale where the final modifications and dyno tuning were performed. While we don't want to give away all the modifications, it obviously has engine work and an AEM EMS. Dyno tuning was done by Jeremy on a Mustang Dyno and yielded 215rwhp on 93 octane. On a DynoJet this would have yielded around 240-250rwhp. Not bad for a naturally aspirated 3.0L inline 6! This car is well known for outrunning some Turbo Supras at the annual SpeedForSale Shootout event.

Year/Model: 1995 Supra NA Dyno: 215 hp
Location: Mississippi 1/4 Mile: (none)

SpeedForSale was instrumental in planning the build for this low mile car in a manner to help preserve its integrity so that the car could be put back to 100% stock in the future should the I desire to do so for collector reasons. All of the stock parts have been retained and cataloged. Much attention was focused on making sure no part of the car would be compromised as a result of the build. SpeedForSale supplied intelligent solutions to meet my very particular nature and also tuned the car on a load bearing dyno to achieve a driving experience as consistent as if it were built and tuned by Toyota. The car has performed flawlessly and after 2.5 years the tune still provides for a perfect driving experience both around town and while doing more spirited driving. I am very pleased with SpeedForSale's efforts, advice, workmanship and enthusiastic contributions to helping me with this build.

Year/Model: 1994 Supra Turbo Dyno: (none)
Location: Atlanta 1/4 Mile: (none)

Bruce C.
SpeedForSale sold and installed new OEM targa mounting and weather seals, new PCV hoses, new SX fuel filters, new rear main seals, new brake rotors & pads, new stainless braided brake lines, new ATI dampener, and HKS SSQBOV. Also fixed boost issues, and fabricate air box.

Year/Model: 1994 Toyota Supra Dyno: 413 hp,429 tq
Location: Valdosta, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Reid B.
SpeedForSale sold and installed new set of cross drilled and slotted brake rotors, new OEM brake pads and new Goodridge stainless braided brake lines, new DOT3 brake fluid, new Supra caliper stencils on Reid's mint condition Supra Turbo.

Year/Model: 1994 Toyota Supra Dyno: (none)
Location: Marietta, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Carmen T.
SpeedForSale installed AEM ECU, custom engine harness, AVCR boost controller, spark plugs, Remove Cylinder head and inspect block and head for warpage, new valve springs, HKS head gasket, and dyno tuned.

Year/Model: 1991 Toyota Supra Dyno: (none)
Location: Dawsonville, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Ray. B
SpeedForSale installed new 67mmturbo, new radiator w/OEM fan & shrouds, new water pump, TRD thermostat, removed the engine to reset engine bearing clearances, a R154 transmission conversion on Ray's original automatic NA-T.

Year/Model: 1995 Toyota Supra Dyno: (none)
Location: Conyers, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Built as a tarmac rally car, it has a full cage, AP rotors and project mu pads, lifeline firebomb, mcr paddle shifters, strengthened 1st gear, haltech plug in computer, racetech seats, omp wheel.

Year/Model: 2008 gtr Dyno: (none)
Location: Brisbane Australia 1/4 Mile: 11.1 @ 122

Arick A.
SpeedForSale installed a Sparco harness bar, T1R V2.0 Stainless Steel braided brake lines with Motul RBF600 brake fluid, Cobb Anti-Sway bars, Alcon Big Brake kit, Bride Gias seat, PasswordJDM CF hood and trunk, TiTek TI midpipe, Ti catback exhaust, K&W Clubsport suspention. Here is what Arick said about his recent track day at VIR: "Hey guys, I just got back from track day at VIR. They performed wonderfully. I found myself diving deeper and deeper into the brake zone. I think if I have to sum up the brakes in a word: Confidence. Confidence that the brakes will get you down to speed, confidence that you have perfect control through the turn, and confidence that it will be the same on the first lap as the last lap of the day. It wasn't as apparently during the first half of the day when we ran the north course which was much more technical and not as high speed. Not that the brakes were bad, they just didn't whoa me as much at that point (minus the linear range of control which is something that i don't think I can ever live without now). In the afternoon, we ran the full course and I'm not sure if you guys have run it, but where it really shined was on the back straight. On my first run, coming over the crest of the hill at the top, I found myself letting off the gas and braking WAY too early. Mainly because I was afraid of what was over the hill. Ironically, after I knew what was over the hill, I still found myself braking early! At one point, I was talking to an instructor and he just laughed and said "Yeah, it's scary. You just need to have faith." To me, that was the brakes. On my next run, I floored it down that straight, topping out at 145mph before braking. Even then, I was STILL braking too early. Sorry, didn't have that much faith yet :). Regardless to say though, the Alcon Big Brakes definitely gave me the confidence to floor it over the hill and charge into the "unknown" at higher speeds. All in all, GREAT product."

Year/Model: 2009 Nissan GT-R Dyno: (none)
Location: Atlanta, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Judy W.
SpeedForSale sold and installed the following modifications to Judy's Supra TT with factory OEM parts. Installed new Goodrige SS Brake Lines, new Megan Racing Downpipe, new timing belt, turbo VSVs, new PCV, new water pump. Flush transmission and rear diff, and power steering fluids.

Year/Model: 1993 Supra TT Dyno: (none)
Location: Greer, SC 1/4 Mile: (none)

Chris S.
Chris' 2009 black GT-R has an HKS GT570 package, gold wheels, front and rear clear side markers, Harman Motive air intake, HKS Legamax exhaust, Cobb Tuning Anti-Sway bars, MCR Red tow hook, and more!

Year/Model: 2009 Nissan GT-R Dyno: 550+ AWHP hp
Location: New Jersey 1/4 Mile: (none)

Jim K.
AP J-hook rotors and Carbotech brake pads were purchased through SpeedForSale.

Year/Model: 2009 Nissan GT-R Dyno: (none)
Location: Oregon 1/4 Mile: (none)

Norman C
Norman purchased and installed the following items from SpeedForSale: HKS GT570 Racing Package, custom tune, and K&N air filters.

Year/Model: 2009 Nissan GT-R Dyno: ~600 hp hp
Location: Malaysia 1/4 Mile: (none)

Frank L.
SpeedForSale bought and sold this Viper GTS to Frank, and then sold and installed the following upgrades: Borla catback exhaust, K&N air filters, EBC red brake pads, cross drilled and slotted rotors, plugs/MSD wires, MGW Shifter knob, smooth intake tubes, maintenance (valve cover gaskets, fluids, etc.)

Year/Model: 1998 Viper GTS Dyno: (none)
Location: Atlanta, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

SpeedForSale sold and installed the following modifications to this beautiful Lexus IS350: K&N Typhoon intake system, Megan Racing mid pipes, Megan Racing catback exhaust with Titanium tips, Lexus F-Sport 19" wheels, Lexus F-Sport front and rear anti-sway bars, and StopTech stainless steel braided brake lines. Talk about a sleeper!

Year/Model: 2006 Lexus IS350 Dyno: (none)
Location: Atlanta, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Brennon S.
SpeedForSale installed the following modifications: Precision torque converter, Supra TT automatic differential with 3.76:1 ratio, B&M transmission cooler with fan, cross drilled and slotted rotors with new pads, 100k mile service, and more! The car also has an aFe high flow intake system with MAF signal controller. It runs great and sounds like a beast!

Year/Model: 2000 Lexus GS400 Dyno: (none)
Location: Atlanta, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Brent Dalton
Car was put back together with the help of David so I could enjoy it before I left for my 15 month deployment to Afghanistan. Big Thanks to David and Speed For Sale!!! Without them I would of left the country never getting to reap the benefits of the hard work that was put into my car. 1993 Silverstone Mica Touring -Large Street Port -Greddy T78 Turbo Kit(sold by David@SpeedforSale) -Pettit CoolCharge III Intercooler(sold by David@SFS) -850cc Primary/1600cc Secondary Injectors -Koyo N Flo Radiator -R1 Dual Oil Coolers(Installed by David@SFS) -Apexi PFC and Commander -Greddy Profec B Boost Controller -Turbo back 3in. exhaust -Tein HA Coilovers -Tripoint Sway Bar with Widefoot Mounts and bronze bushings -Porsche 993 "Big Reds" Front BBK -99spec RZ Rear Brakes

Year/Model: 1993 RX7 Dyno: (none)
Location: Cookeville, TN 1/4 Mile: (none)

Joe Barcinas
Joe's 1997 Supra Turbo has stock twin turbos, and was brought to SpeedForSale for a lot of maintenance, performance parts, MAP ECU, and dyno tuning. It made very good power at 20psi (falling to 16psi by redline) on race gas for the stock turbos! The car has an HKS Ti exhaust, Megan Racing coilovers, Greddy 3 Row FMIC, and much more.

Year/Model: 1997 Supra Twin Turbo Dyno: 441 hp,483 tq
Location: Alabama 1/4 Mile: (none)

Jason Britt
SpeedForSale performed a lot of touch up work, MAP ECU, and dyno tuning of this very fast street car. It has a Turbonetics turbo, Boost Logic built automatic transmission, full fuel system, alcohol injection, HRE wheels, and much more!

Year/Model: 1997 Toyota Supra Turbo Dyno: 551 hp,506 tq
Location: Atlanta, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Ralph V.
This Supra was built by SpeedForSale and holds the world record for highest rear wheel horsepower on a Supra TT with a stock exhaust manifold! SpeedForSale installed their GT28 Hybrid stock twin turbo upgrade, a twin Denso pump fuel system, MAP ECU, dyno tuning, and many other modifications. The dyno graph shown is not the 557/560 run at 25psi, but shows the strong and safe power the car makes at a little over 20psi!

Year/Model: 1994 Toyota Supra Turbo Dyno: 557 hp,560 tq
Location: Arkansas 1/4 Mile: (none)

Jesse Jones
This car was purchased through SpeedForSale, Jeremy did an awsome job helping me find it and super guy to ask for advice. Speed for sale is the only place to buy parts from..and I will continue to buy from them Current mods: HKS super dragger HKS ssqv v2 blow off valve X2 HKS DLI HKS intake pipe HKS 264 cams (to be installed) BC springs and retainer (to be installed) MAP ECU (to be installed) Hallman Pro mbc Megan racing dp S4S 02 sim TRD 10k tach TRD "big ass" sway bars TRD strut bar TRD rad cap TRD oil cap TRD LSD (not installed yet) TRD motor & trans mount (waiting on delivery from Japan) TRD thermostat (waiting on delivery from Japan) Greddy BCC OEM Euro Scoop (not installed yet) OEM 94 Shifter (shorter then the 97) Blackwell ETTC Switch C63YC plugs Hose Techniques vac hoses (black) Maxx Air Box TMS egr blockoff plates TMS FPDB TMS Line lock TMS Cam gears (polished) Unorthodoxed polish pullys A lot of OEM replacement parts (hoses,gaskets,seals,ect ect Rebuilt engine wiring harness (reloomed with high temp sleeving,new connectors,repaired cracked wires pin to pin, and individualized connectors) O.E. armrests Innovative boost gauge with S4S gauge pod Autosport jumper harness HID Illuzions retrofitted headlamps 3 row intercooler Koyo radiator S4S polished rad pipe Titek carbon rad panel Goodridge brake lines

Year/Model: 1997 Supra Twin Turbo Dyno: (none)
Location: Macon, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Bill G.
SpeedForSale performed a single turbo conversion, MAP ECU, dyno tuning, and a LOT of other work on Bill's Supra. Jeremy did one heck of a job on my Supra! This Supra has tons of power for a street car and sounds KILLER!!! His prices are more than fair and the quality of his work is light years ahead of others.

Year/Model: 1998 Toyota Supra Turbo Dyno: (none)
Location: Myrtle Beach, SC 1/4 Mile: (none)

Tom B.
SpeedForSale has sold and installed a Cobb AccessPORT and Boost Logic Y-pipe on Tom's Super Silver GT-R. Here is the exhaust sound of the Y-pipe with stock cat-back exhaust ON YOU TUBE

Year/Model: 2009 Nissan GT-R Dyno: (none)
Location: Atlanta, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Larry J.
This car was previously modified by two other shops in the Atlanta area, and then arrived at SpeedForSale. SpeedForSale cleaned up a lot of mess from the previous installations, cleaned up the engine bay dramatically, and installed the following parts: - Titan Motorsports Stage 2 head - HKS 264 cams - Titan Street intake manifold - MAP ECU with dyno tuning - Boost Logic built automatic transmission - Passes emissions with flying colors! - The car also has a full fuel system upgrade, HKS T04R single turbo, suspension, Racing Hart wheels, and much, much more! This a very clean and fast 556rwhp street car that passes emissions on VP 109 gasoline...what more can you ask for!?

Year/Model: 1994 Supra Turbo Dyno: 556 @ 22psi hp
Location: Atlanta, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Robert O.
Robert is one of the local Atlanta GT-R Club members. SpeedForSale has built the transmission on his GT-R, along with ARC Titanium exhaust, T1R Intercooler pipe kit, AccessPORT, front clear JDM side markers, and more!

Year/Model: 2009 Nissan GT-R Dyno: (none)
Location: Atlanta, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Jacky Lai
Speed For Sale sold and installed the following parts for Jacky's new Super Silver Metallic GT-R: Cobb AccessPORT, 5Zigen Spec Tune catback exhaust system, 5Zigen front pipe, HKS SSBOV GTR kit, Mine's air filters, and Nissan JDM front and rear clear side markers.

Year/Model: 2009 Nissan GT-R Dyno: (none)
Location: Atlanta, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Olvinn Lumpkins
Jared at Speed For Sale added an upgraded clutch and flywheel, along with MANY maintenance and restoration products to help get this Supra set up for a future single turbo upgrade. This Supra also has a Tanabe Racing Medallion catback exhaust system and a few other basic upgrades along with aftermarket wheels!

Year/Model: 1994 Toyota Supra TT Dyno: (none)
Location: Atlanta, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Tom W.
Modifications performed by Speed For Sale include: Z1 ECU, Z1 downpipes, Z1 test pipes, boost jets, larger injectors and fuel rails, and more. The car also has a B&B catback exhaust system and air filter.

Year/Model: 1992 Nissan 300ZX TT Dyno: (none)
Location: Atlanta, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Darin F.
Speed For Sale provided several items as sponsorship for this GT-R's debut at the 2008 SEMA show, including OEM JDM clear front and rear side markers, Auto Select canards, Auto Select front Devil spoiler, and Auto Select black carbon fiber front grille. Be sure to look for this car at the 2008 SEMA show!

Year/Model: 2009 Nissan GT-R Dyno: (none)
Location: Las Vegas 1/4 Mile: (none)

Ryan H.
*Update: Recently, SpeedForSale installed other upgrades such as T1R 90mm y-pipe and catback, Polished radiator tank, Blue samco hoses, Carbon fiber engine cover, Swift springs, AAM Competition intercooler, Dodson differential cooler, Willall transmission fluid, SSP transmission fluid filter, 800cc fuel injectors, HKS Premium Suction Kit, HKS Racing Suction Kit Reloaded, Titek carbon cooling panel, a custom tune, and more... The following items were purchased at and installed by Speed For Sale: 5Zigen Spec Tune catback exhaust, 5Zigen front pipe, AccessPORT custom program, HKS SSBOV kit, K&N air filters, AAM wastegate actuators, 5Zigen downpipes, HKS EVC6 boost controller, and HKS spark plugs. It also has smoked lens, paint match lower skirts, and 22" iForge wheels that were installed elsewhere. Ryan had the following to say about his experience with Speed For Sale: "I have got to say that the recent mods that I had done by Jeremy and his crew at Speed For Sale has produced one hell of a car!! Jeremy has worked with me on my Super Silver GT-R since day one, and has guided me every step of the way. Our first set of modifications were a set of 5Zigen mid pipes, 5Zigen exhaust system, and the Cobb AccessPort. While the first round of mods really woke the car up, it wasn't until Jeremy was able to put together this second set of modifications that turned the GT-R into a real world race car! We installed the first set of 5Zigen downpipes that were shipped into the U.S., a set of high performance actuators, an HKS EV6 boost controller, HKS BOV kit with polished piping, and HKS spark plugs. Jeremy and his team took their time with the installation and made sure everything was set up perfectly. They also took the car to the dyno to make a custom tune for the Cobb Accessport and also did several hours of data logging so that the ECU was tuned perfectly with the mods on the car and all the parts worked together safely and effectively. All I can say about the results is WOW!! The car pulls so damn strong all the way through the rev range, and the boost really hits hard. We have it set on 16.5 lbs of boost, and compared to the stock 11.5 lbs, it is such a HUGE difference. I can't say enough about Jeremy and his crew over at Speed For Sale. They have my GT-R running strong and reliable on pump gas. We didn't get a chance to make a dyno pull on the 16.5 boost setting, but this set up should be in the 570 hp range because all parts are similar to the HKS GT570 kit (but for much less the expense). Thanks again to Jeremy and the crew over at Speed For Sale!! "

Year/Model: 2009 Nissan GT-R Dyno: (none)
Location: Atlanta, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Tor S.
Tor flew into the USA to pick up this GT-R, and then drove it here to us for installation of an AccessPort and Mine's cat-back exhaust system. Beautiful car! Here is a video of the car being dynoed after we installed the AccessPort and catback:

Year/Model: 2009 Nissan GT-R Dyno: (none)
Location: Norway 1/4 Mile: (none)

Jeremy Balsinger
BL67 single turbo kit 4" DP/MP 4" HKS Ti Clone exhaust Greddy 3-row fmic PI 4K stall Fluidyne radiator HKS boost controller HKS SSQ BOV TMS fuel rail 720cc injectors Dual Walbro fuel pumps HKS VPC and GCC Intrax lowering springs front strut bar AEM wideband Defi gauges (boost, EGT, oil pressure) MVP urethane lip (unpainted) CCW Classics (polished) 18x10 front (265/18/35 BFGoodrich g-force T/A KDW) 18x11.5 rear (315/18/30 BFGoodrich g-force T/A drag radial) Brought my car to Jeremy to replace the valve stem seals, couldn't be happier.

Year/Model: 1993 Supra Dyno: (none)
Location: Madisonville, TN 1/4 Mile: (none)

Ringo T.
This is a VERY clean Supra! Worked performed by SpeedForSale includes: - MANY OEM Toyota maintenance parts (seals, gaskets, bushings, fluids, etc) - Max-Air box with K&N filter - Autometer electronic boost gauge - HKS DLI ignition - HKS Titanium Exhaust - Titan cam gears - Titan sway bars - Titan polished upper radiator panel - Titan polished upper radiator hardpipe - Titan silver silicone lower radiator hose - Megan Racing adjustable coilovers - Megan Racing rear traction rods - Megan Racing tie rod ends - Fluidyne radiator - Greddy Turbo Timer - Greddy 3-Row Intercooler - Apexi AVC-R - black caliper paint with Supra logos - Unorthodox polished lightweight pulleys - 1998 headlights - 1998 tailights - 1998 turn signals - 1998 air dam splitter - 1998 rear emblem - MORE!

Year/Model: 1993 Supra Twin Turbo Dyno: ? hp,? tq
Location: Montgomery, AL 1/4 Mile: (none)

Bryan Mann
Single Turbo with all supporting mods! Dyno tuned by Jeremy at SpeedForSale.

Year/Model: 1998 Supra Turbo Dyno: (none)
Location: Greenville, SC 1/4 Mile: (none)

This vehicle was brought to Corey and David for the following modifications: Motor Pull, rebuild, and Install Street Port Motor Full Powdercoat engine Non-Seq Conversion

Year/Model: 1993 Mazda Rx-7 Dyno: ? hp,? tq
Location: Knoxville, TN 1/4 Mile: ? @ ?

Craig P.
This vehicle was brought to Corey at Speed For Sale for the following -Fix coolant leak -Vehicle Inspection -Clutch -Exhaust Intall -Ect.

Year/Model: 1991 Nissan 300ZX TT Dyno: ? hp,? tq
Location: Sevierville, TN 1/4 Mile: ? @ ?

Mike Wink
T62 single turbo, full fuel system, clutch, wheels, intercooler, intake, Tial BOV, MAP ECU, much more! You can see feedback in the 'About/Feedback' section here at SpeedForSale!

Year/Model: 1994 Supra Twin Turbo (T62) Dyno: 435 (93 octane) hp,387 tq
Location: Atlanta, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Eaton Govan
This beautiful car was built by SpeedForSale and dyno tuned by Jeremy Blackwell. Mods include: - PHR stage 1 turbo kit - Full fuel system with dual pumps - 6 Speed Getrag Transmission - C's Short Shifter - RPS Triple Carbon Clutch - Race Logic Traction Control System - Blitz & HKS BOVs - Fluidyne radiator - AAP fan shroud w/ Ziergo dual fans - Innovate XD16/LC1 wideband - Greddy 10 row oil cooler - G Force ECU - MAP ECU - Freshened head - Ferrea valves, dual springs, Ti retainers, seats, valve stem seals - HKS 264 camshafts - 180A alternator - Billet timing tensioner, kevlar timing belt - Greddy oil pressure gauge - Unorthodox Racing Pulley Set - ATI Crank Pulley - MUCH more small items! Previous modifications include: - Apexi RS Exhaust - Greddy 3 row FMIC - TEIN Flex coilovers - TEIN EDFC - 19" Racing Hart C2 wheels - Greddy Profec B spec 2 - Greddy turbo timer - Greddy boost gauge - JVC Touch Screen CD player, with SD card - Front & Rear Infinity speakers - 10 inch JL Subwoofer - Alpine Amp

Year/Model: 1994 Supra TT (Single) Dyno: (none)
Location: Tri Cities, TN 1/4 Mile: (none)

shannon keith

Year/Model: 1994 TOYOTA SUPRA TWIN TURBO VEILSIDE Dyno: (none)
Location: GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

David Tierno
SpeedForSale installed the following modifications: Dyno tuning on Dyno Dynamics dyno, 362rwhp at 8psi on 93 octane PHR stage 2 turbo kit Front mount intercooler Chrome intake manifold Apexi 1.8mm head gasket ARP Head studs Billet Supra etched pedal set Blitz Nur Spec cat back exhaust Boostlogic crank pulley Earl's SS brake lines HKS SSBV (Original) HKS Cam gears (Current version) HKS Hypermax II coilovers HKS EV EZ II boost controller HKS Timing belt HKS Turbo timer Innovate wideband with XD-16 gauge MAP-ECU PHR NA-T clutch R2 Racing Camber correction kit (front only) Random Tech SS midpipe Techna-fit SS clutch line TRD Boost, Oil temp, Oil pressure, Water temp gauges TRD LSD TRD Oil cap UR Pulley set 440cc injectors Aeromotive adjustable fuel pressure regulator Finally got some time to post up my completed 1995 5 speed ODB1 NA-T pics. Car made 362.2 HP on a Dyno Dynamics load bearing dyno @ 8psi on 93 pump Torque numbers were pretty much neck in neck with the HP numbers slightly less. Car is still in the break in period and will tune for high boost later. Looking at 14-17 psi max on 93 pump. Car pulls really nicely and idles like stock, Thanks to Jeremy Blackwell's (Speed for Sale) excellent tuning skills on the MAP ECU. Whom also did the install. Extra care was taken and was executed flawlesly in my eyes. He is very professional along with his crew (Jared and Chinchi) Special thanks goes out to Jared and Chinchi who also had a major part in making my dream come to life. Thank you all guys. I couldn't be happier at this point. Top notch in my book. I've always loved my car and now I love it even more. So fun to drive I can't get enough of it!

Year/Model: 1995 Supra NA-T Dyno: 362.2 at 8psi hp
Location: Conyers, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

No image
Jeremy Stone
APS Cold Air Intake Zero Sport Intake Elbow MRT Turbo Back Catless Exhaust Cobb Stage 2 V.2 ECU Eibach Springs Cusco Front & Rear Strut Tower Bars Limited Front Lip Gram Lights 57s 18x8.5

Year/Model: 2006 Subaru STi Dyno: EST. 350 hp,EST. 365 tq
Location: Alpharetta GA 1/4 Mile: EST. 12.5

No image

Year/Model: 1992 SC300 Dyno: 350hp hp,325 tq
Location: hawaii 1/4 Mile: n/a @ n/a

Richard Price

Year/Model: 2002 Brunton Stalker Dyno: 250 hp,250 tq
Location: Birmingham 1/4 Mile: na @ na

Marsh Elliott
Dyno tuned by Jeremy at Speed For Sale LLC. Modifications include SP58 single turbo kit, 6-speed, full fuel system with 720cc injectors, front lip, RMM c/f wing, Corbeau seats/harnesses, full stereo, all other basic bolt ons.

Year/Model: 1997 Supra Turbo Dyno: (none)
Location: Canton, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

TRD front strut tower brace OEM Toyota V160 tranny fluid OEM Toyota differential fluid OEM Toyota red coolant OEM Toyota Lexus V8 oil filter OEM Toyota 1998 headlights OEM Toyota 1998 clear turn signals, bulbs, wires, sockets, harnesses OEM Toyota mini coolant overflow tank for HKS intercooler relocation Megan Racing fully adjustable coilover suspension New Parts 1 Stainless steel downpipe, gaskets, new nuts/bolts DEFI Blue Racer fuel pressure gauge 202.00 202.00 DEFI Blue Racer boost gauge DEFI Blue Racer EGT gauge 3-pod A-pillar replacement panel, 52mm Greddy BCC HKS EVC 6 Cusco aluminum rear strut tower brace HKS Type R front mount intercooler Blitz DDBOV Blitz BOV flange, ALUMINUM HKS Type R intercooler, 2 ADDITIONAL PIPES REQUIRED FOR STOCK TURBOS! HKS Turbo Timer type HKS timer harness HKS DLI ignition 389.00C's shifter HKS Carbon Ti catback exhaust Shipping 1 Shipping & insurance of item: items above, up to OEM parts New Parts 6 Champion C63YC Race PLugs New Parts 1 Blackwell fuel pulsation dampener bypass line New Parts 1 fuel pressure regulator adapter piece for FPDB line New Parts 6 Mobil 1 oil, 10w30 New Parts 1 Reverse indiglo gauge

Year/Model: 1994 Supra Turbo Dyno: N/A hp,N/A tq
Location: Las Vegas 1/4 Mile: N/A @ N/A

1997 na-t supra soon to be 6 speed

Year/Model: 1997 supra Dyno: ???? hp,???? tq
Location: miami 1/4 Mile: ???? @ ????

Bart Miller
'Speed For Sale LLC' sold and installed the following parts for Bart's Supra: - PHR Street Turbo kit with GT60 turbo, everything heat coated - S4S front mount intercooler kit - Megan Racing fully adjustable coilovers - Fuel pump/rail/injectors/regulator/lines - HKS SSBOV - MAP ECU and dyno tuning on a steady state/load bearing dyno - 1998 headlights and turn signals - Much, much more!

Year/Model: 1995 Supra Twin Turbo (single) Dyno: (none)
Location: Atlanta, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Charles White
We started work on Charles' 6-speed Supra by first cleaning up mistakes that other shops had done over the years, and got it back to 'square one' and running/idling like a normal car. We then performed additional modifications including a MAP ECU, Innovate Motorsports wideband/gauge, and more. We will be tuning the car soon, and will post up dyno numbers! The car has a 67mm single turbo, full fuel system, and more. It should be a beast on high boost, and run smoothly like a stock Supra (even with the large fuel system.) This is the beauty of tuning on a steady state/load bearing dyno! Charles enjoys spending time lapping road courses in this well prepared Supra!

Year/Model: 1994 Supra Twin Turbo (single) Dyno: (none)
Location: Atlanta, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Bart Miller
This is one of Bart's two Skylines. Bart recently changed the large twin turbos that were on this Skyline in favor of a new HKS T04Z. We re-tuned the car on July 11, 2007, and made 484rwhp at 19psi on a Dyno Dynamics load bearing dyno (the dyno software's horsepower flywheel conversion shows 571 horsepower.) This was with a very conservative mid 11:1 air:fuel ratio and only 19 degrees of ignition timing advance at peak torque on 93 octane/alcohol. We always tune for maximum reliability, not 'ragged-edge' power! We have also performed a single turbo conversion on his Supra, along with dyno tuning.

Year/Model: 2001 Nissan Skyline GT-R Dyno: 484 hp
Location: Atlanta, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Peter Blach
With only 8,000 miles on the odometer, this is one of the nicest and lowest mileage Supras in the world! We had the pleasure of doing one of our detailed value appraisals for Peter's insurance company, and WOW it's a clean car! Peter asked us not to disclose all of the modifications, but as you can see it has a big single turbo, Virtual Works intake manifold, massive fuel system, and HRE wheels.

Year/Model: 1998 Supra Twin Turbo (8k miles) Dyno: 1005 rw hp
Location: Houston, TX 1/4 Mile: (none)

No image
Jeong Hoon Ryoo (JAY)
HKS Titanum Exhaust, Blitz intake, HKS Blow off Valve, ETTC mod(from speed for sale) , HYBRID FMIC, Cusco front and rear strut bar, C's short shifter, Downpipe,Apexi AVCR, Greddy BCC, Greddy boost gauge, RPS max pressure plate with Stock clutch, Megan Racing coilover, etc. Pics coming soon.

Year/Model: 1995 Toyota Dyno: (none)
Location: San Jose CA 1/4 Mile: (none)

BPU: Rod Millin Dp HKS Superdragger Exhaust Greddy BCC HKS EVC 1 Boost Controller Apex-i electronic boost and EGT gauge Random Technology Hi Flow Cat w/ Test pipe Aluminum Radiator cooling plate Tial Bov Brushed Aluminun Radiator Hose Polished Twin Piping HKS Type S Front Mount Intercooler Power Adder Custom Air Intake Titan 5-bolt adjustable cam gears in red Upgrades: Buddy Club 2 Front Bumper (waiting for fabrication on it to install) 98 headlights 8000K HID's 98 tailights Smoked out Tailights 98 turnsignals 96 Black leather seats(Soon to be re-upholsetered) Black interior conversion Sparco steering Wheel Sparco 3pt Harnesses Custom fabricated Harness Bar (fabricated by Batlground Engineering) Custom Speedometer, Tachometer, and fuel gauges ( TRD Radiator Cap (1.3 bars) TRD Oil Cap Chromed Power Steering cap (Mvp motorsports) Chromed Windshield wiper fluid cap (Mvp motorsports) Chromed Break fluid resevoir cap (Mvp motorsports) Custom Painted Spark plug cover Suspension/Wheels: Eibach pro kit TRD front strut brace Greddy rear strut brace PowerSlot Slotted Rotors Hawk Racing Pads 19x8(front)and 19x10(rear) SSR GT3 wheels in satin TOYO Proxy T1R's (front)245/35-19 (rear)285/30-19 Ice: Memphis Speakers(front only) Pioneer In-Dash Touch screen with Navi Pioneer Speakers (Rear only)

Year/Model: 1994 Supra Twin Turbo Dyno: 405 hp,375 tq
Location: Braselton, Ga. 1/4 Mile: 13.9 @ 110

kalum giroux
2.5inch exaust, K&N Intake, 17" Speedy lite 8's, MOMO Race seat.

Year/Model: 1987 Toyota Supra Dyno: 151 hp,156 tq
Location: Edmonton 1/4 Mile: (none)

Frederick F.
This is a VERY clean and strong 1997 Supra. Worked performed by 'Speed For Sale LLC' includes: - RPS stage 2 clutch - Blackwell E-TTC switch kit - Autometer electronic boost gauge - S4S cross drilled and slotted rotors with new OEM Toyota pads - calipers painted black - White Supra script on calipers - S4S black Italian leather shifter boot - Champion Race plugs gapped at 0.035" Other mods include: - TEIN coilovers - Kinesis wheels - downpipe - 4" Ti cat-back exhaust - Maxx Air box with K&N filter Modifications coming February 2008: - SpeedForSale Hybrid GT28R Twin Turbo upgrade project car - HKS Type S Front mount intercooler with T-bolt clamps - carbon fiber upper radiator panel - Greddy ProfecB Type-S boost controller - HKS DLI - Greddy BCC - MAP ECU - Blitz DDBOV and stock bypass valve - Innovate Motorsports XD16/LC1 wideband combo - Polished upper radiator hardpipe - Mishimoto Radiator test car

Year/Model: 1997 Supra Twin Turbo Dyno: (none)
Location: Atlanta, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Jon C.
The following work was performed by 'Speed For Sale LLC': - Greddy Profec B boost controller - Greddy BCC - Autometer boost gauge - Permanent True Twin Turbo conversion - fix overboosting problem - downpipe - HKS Ti Carbon Exhaust - HKS SSQ Bov - Blitz 03 Wheels - Eibach Pro Kit - B&M Short Shifter

Year/Model: 1994 Supra Twin Turbo Dyno: (none)
Location: Atlanta, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Scott M.
This Supra was brought to 'Speed For Sale LLC' for a new RPS Stage 1 clutch and OEM flywheel. It has also basic upgrades including downpipe, catback exhaust, frount mount intercooler, 18" wheels, and more!
You can also see feedback left about work performed on this car in our 'ABOUT/FEEDBACK' section!

Year/Model: 1995 Supra Twin Turbo Dyno: (none)
Location: Marietta, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Dwayne G.
This car was purchased from 'Speed For Sale LLC', along with several performance parts/installations including:
-new wheel bearings
-GReddy Profec B Type S
-GReddy Turbo timer/harness
-AutoMeter gauges in dual a-pillar panel

You can see more pictures and information about this Supra here:
You can also see about work performed on this car in our 'ABOUT/FEEDBACK' section!

Year/Model: 1998 Supra Twin Turbo Dyno: (none)
Location: Huntsville, AL 1/4 Mile: (none)

Trent H.
This car was brought to 'Speed For Sale LLC' to have several problems with the stock sequential turbos fixed. See Trent's comments about his experience in our 'ABOUT/FEEDBACK' section!

Year/Model: 1994 Supra Twin Turbo Dyno: (none)
Location: Norfolk, VA 1/4 Mile: (none)


Year/Model: 1997 SUPRA TT Dyno: (none)
Location: ca 1/4 Mile: (none)

Josh Bounds
This car was 100% stock with 43k miles on it and in pristine condition. In July, 2006, sold and installed the following parts:
- S4S front mount intercooler kit with polished radiator air panel
- downpipe
- Blitz Nur-spec catback exhaust
- HKS EVC EZ 2 boost controller
- GReddy BCC
- AutoMeter black/black boost gauge in clock location
- S4S plug-n-play oxygen sensor simulator
- Megan Racing fully adjustable coil-overs
- Custom made air intake pipe with filter
- Titan polished radiator hardpipe Here is what Josh had to say about the coilovers we installed on his Supra: I went to Jeremy looking for the very best coilovers for my 98' Supra TT. What I was looking for cost around $1800. After going over it all with Jeremy he suggested the MR coilovers at half the cost to me. I was kinda skiddish because of the high spring rate until I got them on my car. 32 way adjustable and they come with upper pillowball mounts which usually are not on the "cheaper" coilover sets. The ride is great, they really feel like stock suspension on normal driving but they really hug well when you are taking sharp turns at higher speeds. I would suggest them to anyone not only because they are cheaper but because they are just as good if not better then the so called "best" coilover sets out there on the market. I would buy them again if I had to do it over again.

Year/Model: 1998 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo Dyno: (none)
Location: South Carolina 1/4 Mile: (none)

Ken Henderson
SpeedForSale appraised this 1110 rear wheel horsepower beast! It has an HKS 3.4L stroker motor with upgraded HKS Twin Turbos (larger than the GT2835 kit.) Insane!

Year/Model: 1994 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo 6-speed Dyno: 1110 hp
Location: CA 1/4 Mile: (none)

This vehicle was brought to Corey and David at Speed For Sale for the following: Motor pull and install Non-Sequential Turbo's

Year/Model: 1993 Mazda Rx-7 Dyno: (none)
Location: Knoxville 1/4 Mile: (none)

Top Secret widebody, single turbo, stand alone ECU, 6-speed, way too much to list!

Year/Model: 1994 Supra Single Turbo Dyno: (none)
Location: 1/4 Mile: (none)

Kevin W.
This car was brought to Corey and David at Speed For Sale for the following Parts and Installation: Greddy Profec B and Installation Pettit Computer and Installation Supra Fuel Pump

Year/Model: 1993 Mazda Rx-7 Dyno: (none)
Location: Knoxville, TN 1/4 Mile: (none)

This car was brought to David and Corey at Speed For Sale for the following: Motor Pull and Install

Year/Model: 1993 Mazda Rx-7 Dyno: (none)
Location: Knoxville, TN 1/4 Mile: (none)

Kevin W.
This car was brought to Corey at Speed For Sale for the following Parts and Installation: 19" Volk GT-C wheels Installation

Year/Model: 2002 Nissan 350Z Dyno: (none)
Location: Knoxville, TN 1/4 Mile: (none)

Tyler S.
This car was brought to Corey and David at Speed For Sale for the following: Motor Rebuild w/ Street Port 60-1 Single Turbo Install 1300cc Secondary Injectors Throttle Body Coolant Bypass Simplification AC Elimination

Year/Model: 1993 Mazda Rx-7 Dyno: (none)
Location: Knoxville, TN 1/4 Mile: (none)

This car was brought to David and Corey at Speed For Sale and the following was performed: Non-Sequential Solenoid and rats nest elimination/simplification Fuel leak fixed from Injectors and Insulators Battery Relocation Intercooler and Intake installation

Year/Model: 1994 Mazda Rx-7 Dyno: (none)
Location: Knoxville, TN 1/4 Mile: (none)

Jack B.
This vehicle was brought to Corey at Speed For Sale and the following parts were purchased and installed. RPS Clutch Install Downpipes Midpipes Intake Computer Upgrade Boost Pill Install Custom Turbo Timer Installed in Factory Clock Location

Year/Model: 1993 Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo Dyno: (none)
Location: Knoxville, TN 1/4 Mile: (none)

Jamey A.
This rare Royal Sapphire Pearl (RSP) 1997 6-speed Supra Twin Turbo has won it's regional SCCA division several years in a row now...SpeedForSale has provided some of the performance parts for the car, along with tech support.

Year/Model: 1997 RSP Toyota Supra Twin Turbo 6-speed Dyno: (none)
Location: Indiana 1/4 Mile: (none)

Chinchi C.
1994 Supra TT with HKS T04R single turbo, full fuel system upgrade, MAP-ECU, FMIC, suspension, full body kit/wheels, and more!

Year/Model: 1994 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo 6-speed Dyno: (none)
Location: Atlanta, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Arthur J.
This Supra was brought to SpeedForSale after several other local shops attempted to fix the persistant excessively rich condition with no luck. After some troubleshooting and cleaning up mistakes other installers had made, the car runs great with no more excessively rich condition! Other modifications installed by Jeremy are an Apexi SAFC2 in a custom glove box panel (look for these Blackwell glove box panels to be produced in the near future), dyno tuning, and more! This car has a VPC, SAFC2, FMIC, full exhaust, and more!

Year/Model: 1995 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo 6-speed Dyno: (none)
Location: Hinesville, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Ray S.
This show car has a modifications list a mile long, including: -TRD Widebody Kit (fully molded onto body) $2500.00 -VIS Carbon Fiber Hood TRD $840.00 -Custom paint scheme for hood $500 -Hood Pins $40 -Nitrous Brackets $20 -Nitrous Bottle $250 -Sparco Torino Seats w/ G force 5 pt harness $1850 -Holley Kill switches/ battery switch/ engine start $100 -Cf eyelids and refinish of headlights 98 style $200 -Front Drilled slotted rotors $120 -Supra TT front Rear brake conversion $400 -Volk GTC wheels powdercoated Cocoa Pearl Widebody Offset $ 3000 -Tires front and rear $1000 (Pirelli/bridestone) -Apex Gt Spec exhaust system $ 690 -Rmm Downpipe $400 -TMS EGR block off plates $65 -Autometer 10K CF Tach $235 -Greddy Emanage w/ inj harness $420 -Greddy Gauges boost $160 -Greddy Gauge Fuel Press $190 -Greddy Gauge Oil Pressure $190 -Tripple Pod Pillar $100 -Shifter Boot $60 -Polished Shift Knob $45 -NGK spark Plugs $25 -Hawk Brake Pads $75 - Greddy Profec E-01 Boost controller $600 -CF Hand Brake $20 -Sparco Quick Release Mugello Polished Steering Wheel $360 -Autometer 6 pt roll cage $750 -Turn Signals Clear $115 -Alpine CVA monitor $900 -Playstation 2 $300 -Seibon CF hatch $840 -RMM CF wing $600 -Lambo Door conversion $5000 -Door panels for lambo doors $500 -HPF 3 row IC $720 -Greddy 3 Row ic piping Polished $400 -Cf Roll for interior misc $45 - Polished Upper radiator Pipe $100 - Tial Bov $300 - AAP Polished fan kits $450 - RPS PP and 6 puck clutch $800 -Hiphonics Stereo System $4000 -Visor Monitors $300 -Aem Wideband Af gauge $400 -Air bag monitor $200 -98 tail lights $220 -TRD oil cap $65 - New alternator $ 340 - New Toyota fuel pump $310 -TRD motor Mounts $260 -Misc Toyota Charges to restore car $4000 (have every receipt in detail) -2jz Gte motor $2000 -Tein Flex Coilover suspension $1560 -Titan Sway Bar set $500 -TRD Strut tower bar front $215 -Do luck Rear strut bar rear $285 -6-speed conversion swap $1750 -Labor for polishing $500 -Estimated Labor for body work $10000 -Estimated Tuning Labor including normal maintenance $2000

Year/Model: 1995 Toyota Supra Dyno: (none)
Location: Illinois 1/4 Mile: (none)

Tomi T.
This Supra was purchased from SpeedForSale and shipped to Finland, and SpeedForSale has continued tech and parts support via phone and email since the car was sold. It now has fresh black paint!

Year/Model: 1994 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo 6-speed Dyno: 428 hp,455 tq
Location: Finland 1/4 Mile: (none)

Justin M.
1994 6-speed with basic performance upgrades (BPU)

Year/Model: 1994 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo 6-speed Dyno: (none)
Location: Connecticut 1/4 Mile: (none)

Todd T.
This car was brought to SpeedForSale for the following work: - Timing belt/water pump/crank & cam seals service - HKS EVC EZ2 installation (with stepper motor hidden in OEM airbox!) - K&N drop-in style air filter - Autometer boost gauge - more parts have been purchased after this work was done as well...

Year/Model: 1993 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo Dyno: (none)
Location: Charlotte, NC 1/4 Mile: (none)

Gale F.
The following work was performed by SpeedForSale: - S4S cross-drilled/slotted/zinc plated rotors - OEM Toyota brake pads - Blue caliper repaint - custom made Silver MR-2 logo The car also has: - Borla catback exhaust - Full JL Audio stereo system with enclosure, subs, amps, head unit, and more (see pictures) - More!

Year/Model: 2003 Toyota MR-2 Spyder Dyno: (none)
Location: Atlanta, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Brian B.
1998 QuickSilver 6-speed with 32k miles

Year/Model: 1998 QuickSilver Toyota Supra Twin Turbo Dyno: (none)
Location: Colorado 1/4 Mile: (none)

Paul R.
This 43k mile Supra TT was brought to SpeedForSale with a blown motor and only a few basic performance upgrades. Over the next several weeks, the following work and parts was performed by Jeremy and Jared at SpeedForSale: - OEM Toyota short block with 1000 mile break-in (oil changed 3 times in first 1000 miles with dyno oil, then compression test performed by Jeremy at 1100 mile mark before MAP-ECU install and driveability dyno tuning) - head cleaned/disassembled/pressure checked/decked/rebuilt - Boost Logic 61mm single turbo upgrade - MAP-ECU w/ harness and dyno tune - HKS EVC EZ2 - RPS stage 2 clutch - many other minor performance parts - FPDB line - SFS FMIC kit - many new OEM parts including all clutch small parts, slave cylinder, water pump, oil pump, timing belt, etc - TEIN Coilovers - new tires/alignment (installed at Toyota dealer)

Year/Model: 1994 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo Dyno: (none)
Location: Douglasville, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Now for the long maintenance and mod list: Engine: New OEM short block w/ all new gaskets throughout the motor and head, professionally installed, properly broken in! December 2006 compression check (rounded): 165 170 170 165 170 170 Head thoroughly inspected, a couple valves replaced 11K miles on motor, Mobil 1 synthetic every 2K miles oil filter and Champion Race plugs every 4K ARP Head studs OEM Oil Pan OEM crankshaft pulley OEM serpentine belt OEM fuel filter OEM V8 oil filter OEM coil packs OEM Oxygen Sensor 12 volt fuel pump mod Custom made intake w/ K&N filter Custom made exhaust and downpipe HKS Type-S FMIC custom polished IC pipes Turbonetics clamps and couplers HKS DLI-2 Ignition Amp HKS VPC Greddy BCC A'pexi SAFC-II HKS EVC 5 Boost controller Blitz Dual Drive BOV with race spring Unorthodox Racing lightweight pulleys (except crank) Unorthodox Racing adjustable cam gears SpeedForSale ETTC switch (sequential to parallel twin turbos with a simple switch!) Cooling: Aftermarket radiator with metal end tanks Titan polished upper pipe Titan silicon lower hose TRD thermostat Titan CF Radiator cooling plate Radiator overflow tank for HKS FMIC's Redline water wetter System flush performed 2 weeks ago w/ Toyota coolant Drivetrain: Valvoline hi-performance clutch fluid Getrag tranny fluid Royal Purple diff. fluid OEM Clutch slave cylinder OEM Clutch master cylinder RPS Stage 2 Clutch Fidanza lightweight flywheel Braided stainless steel clutch line C's short shifter (best on the market!) Chassis: Valvoline hi-performance brake fluid Royal Purple PS fluid OEM rear wheel bearings and hubs TRD Big Ass sway bars front and back TRD front strut bar Technafit braided stainless steel brake lines Rotora slotted rotors Hawk HPS brake pads Interior: Refreshed OEM black interior Jeg's GS-1 faux leather sport seats AEM Uego 1000 Wideband Oxygen sensor Shift Light Air Horn Blitz FATT turbo timer Triple pod A-pillar Greddy EGT gauge Greddy Boost gauge Indiglo white-face gauges Clifford Concept 600 car alarm (HIGHLY sensitive) Kenwood DPX-6020 double-DIN stereo Kenwood 10-disc CD changer w/ MP3 JL Audio tweeters, front and rear speakers, 10" sub JL Audio 300/4 Amp Exterior: OEM wheels with aftermarket chrome (much shinier) Resealed targa weatherstripping Black mesh IC cover Tinted windows '98 headlights Philips HID light kit Front bumper resprayed due to chips Ecsta Supra 245/40/17s front, Yokohama 275/40/17s rear Plenty of tread left on all 4 Tires balanced Dec. '06 Perfect alignment Zaino products used for washing/waxing

Year/Model: 1995 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo Dyno: @15PSI: 380 hp,380 tq
Location: FL 1/4 Mile: Never run.

Tracy C.
SpeedForSale had this car re-painted flawlessly. Here are it's modifications: - 1998 headlights - SpeedForSale front mount intercooler kit and radiator plate - HKS Titanium catback - downpipe - BCC - HKS SSBOV - Air filter

Year/Model: 1995 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo 6-speed Dyno: ? hp,? tq
Location: Douglasville, GA 1/4 Mile: ? @ ?

Sumner Norman
White 1994 Toyota Supra twin turbo bpu++ 98 style headlights, 98 style taillights, 98 style turning signals, 5 spoke 3-piece aluminum Blitz racing rims, TRD GEN2 full stainless steel exhaust, RMM downpipe, TRD strut bars, TRD engine tower bar, Tein adjustable racing suspension, GReddy BCC, AVC-R boost controller, SFS electronic true twin conversion, GReddy 3-row Front Mount Intercooler, Max Air box, GReddy cold air intake, Polished intake piping, boost pressure gauge, exhaust temp gauge, a-pillar 2 gauge mount, Polished intercooler dam plate, TRD oil cap, TRD radiator cap, Polished almuninum radiator piping, Apex'i turbo timer, Phillips HID headlights

Year/Model: 1994 Toyota Supra Dyno: 410 hp
Location: Utah 1/4 Mile: (none)

No image
1989 nissan 240sx w/ 2jzgte, single conv precision sc61, greddy boost cut, 1jz bell housing for 7m 5speed trans(bought through, afc.

Year/Model: 1989 240gte Dyno: 459 hp,420 tq
Location: ATL 1/4 Mile: 11.55 @ 124mph

Kris G.
When Kris first called us asking about possible upgrades to his Supra, it was in need of a lot of work. It already had a body kit, T88 turbo, 272 cams, and more, but needed to be retuned and cleaned up under hood in general. Kris had us upgrade the car with a 74mm turbo, intake manifold, and tuning, and made 758rwhp and ran a 10.9@141mph quarter mile. Kris (being the extremist he is) decided that wasn't enough, and shipped the car back from South Dakota with big plans in mind. The following modifications were then performed: - stripped down the car to the bare chassis, and performed a custom metal widebody conversion with bright yellow paint. - fully built race motor, oversized valves, extensive head porting - full stereo system with custom enclosure and dual nitrous tanks - black leather seats and carpet swap with a low mileage donor - all new seals, panels, trim pieces - HRE forged wheels with 345 rear tires - Motec M48 ECU with Ignition - MUCH more... Now, once again, Kris has decided he wants even more. So, a 80mm turbo and other modifications were performed, and the car is now over 1000rwhp with nitrous. This was the second metal wide-body Supra made after Ryan Hoskins' Supra. This car was one of a couple large builds that we acquired outside help on before we starting doing everything in-house. Thanks to Chris and Kevin for their work on the car!

Year/Model: 1995 Supra Turbo Dyno: 1000+ rwhp hp,700+ rwtq tq
Location: South Dakota 1/4 Mile: 10.9 with old turbo @ 141 with old turbo

Blitz boost controller, downpipe, catback exhaust, air filter, fuel computer, DEFI gauges, E-TTC, 19" Volk GT-C wheels. I had a problem with my '97 Supra TT. So I took it to a certified Toyota/Lexus mechanic and all they did was open my hood, look inside and said "these Japanese people sure know how to pack an engine in there." They were absolutely no help what so ever and my problem was never fixed. So I called a good friend who also owns a supra and told him my problem and he referred me to Jeremy. I called him told him my problem and told me to meet him at his shop. I got to his shop, he opened my hood and instead of wondering how they fit all that engine in there, he knew exactly what the problem was, how to fix it and any thing else you would ever need to know about these cars. Within a couple hours my car was running like a Beast. Seriously I have owned my Supra for almost 1 year and it runs far better than it did the day I bought it. For those Supra owners out there this man knows his Supras any thing you need, want or just want him to check out don't waste your time with Certified Toyota Mechanics that don't have the slightest clue about these cars. If you have a high performance sports car, I strongly recommend going here.

Year/Model: 1997 Supra Twin Turbo Dyno: ~415rwhp hp,~425rwtq tq
Location: Woodstock, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Scott R.
This Supra was dropped off at Speed For Sale with NO modifications other than a worn wood grain dash kit and a damaged front Grille insert, and in need of a lot of restoration work. The car is in overall great shape to have 100k miles on it, as it is a one-owner, just needed some TLC. The LAST TWO pictures at the bottom are pictures BEFORE the work was done...quite a difference.
Speed For Sale performed the following modifications:
  • BLACK Carpet (Not shown in pictures)
  • SpeedForSale (SFS) 2-tone red/black leather seats
  • SFS 2-tone red/black arm rests/door panels
  • SFS 2-tone red/black shifter boot
  • Indiglo gauges
  • K&N drop-in filter
  • Toyota fuel filter
  • Toyota PCV valve
  • Toyota Supra floor mats
  • Toyota dash bulbs
  • Grille-Tech front grille
  • Pioneer speakers
  • Parking lamps
  • SilverStar headlights
  • Toyota center caps
  • Carbon Fiber interior
  • Toyota Tonneau cover
  • Custom red/carbon fiber pedals
  • Custom red/polished shifter knob
  • SFS red/polished strut tower brace
  • SFS red/black steering wheel
  • Paint seat trim black
  • SFS polished gauge rings

Year/Model: 1994 Supra Dyno: (none)
Location: Atlanta, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)

Dilan Rakitha
Vehicle Info Make: Mazda Model: RX-7 Year: 1993 Nickname: Black Tank Car Setup: show Sound System Setup: Advance -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bragging Rights Quarter Mile: 13.2 s @ 100 mph 0-60: 5.3 s Est. Horsepower: 320 Weight: 1265 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Performance Modifications Brake Upgrades: HKS Drivetrain / Transmission: DC Sports Electronics: A'pex Engine Components: HKS Exhaust: HKS Header: Venom Ignition: HKS Intake: Weapon R Performance Chip: Venom Shocks: Eibach Springs: Eibach Strut Bars: Weapon R Major Upgrades: T/Turbo -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interior/Exterior Modifications Aerodynamic/Styling Enhancements: Bomex Exterior Lighting: Custom Gauges: Autometer Pedals: Weapon R Seats: Custom Shift Knob: Greddy Steering Wheel: Custom Tires: Goodyear Wheels: Ultra Wheel -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mobile Electronics Amplifier: Blaupunkt Custom Enclosure: Alpine Equalizer/Signal Processor: Alpine Head Unit: Alpine Mid-Range Speakers: Blaupunkt Security: Alpine Subwoofers: Audiobahn Tweeters: Audiobahn Wiring: American Terminal --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Year/Model: 1993 Mazda RX-7 Dyno: 320 hp
Location: Sri Lanka 1/4 Mile: 13.2 s @ 100 mph @ 180km

I have known Jeremy Blackwell for quite a while with ( and have been very pleased with my car. He has done the following Bpu upgrades and then some. I have the car setup up in true twin mode with the following upgrades, Greddy Type S bov, HKS intake, Greddy BCC, Greddy Profec B 2 boost controller, HUD, Blitz turbo timer, Autometer ultra lite boost gauge, TRD front Stut Bar, RMM downpipe, HKS Carbon Ti exhaust, Chrome Bezel gauge rings, MVP Supra racing pedals, VIS carbon hood, Custom black w/ white leather seats, Custom Acura TL pearl white paint job. I look forward in the near future upgrading the car by going to a single turbo kit as well as upgrading the fuel system.

Year/Model: 1995 Supra TT Dyno: (none)
Location: Georgia 1/4 Mile: N/A @ N/A

Ernesto Liu
Nissan Fairlady 350Z, I bought this car two years ago and made BPU+++ in Rep. of Panama on 2004, after I know Jeremy ( by internet, I planed to send my 350Z to Atlanta, U.S.A. for make more upgrades. Project will coming on april 2005. Actual Mods: -Greddy Twin Turbo Kit with intercooler -440cc injectors -Greddy EVO 2 exhaust -Denso Iridium spark plugs -N/X nitrous N-tercooler chiller kit -HKS SSBOV -DEFI BF 60mm Boost, EGT, Oil press gauges -DEFI head unit control -Blitz double selenoide boost control -Blitz turbo timer -Volk Racing 19", 19"x9" front, 19"x10" rear. Futures upgrades will be in built engine, full fuel system upgrade, bigger turbos, racing intake manifold, nitrous direct port system, clutch, AP 14.25" brakes for front, and much more... tuning and dyno will coming....

Year/Model: 2003 350Z Dyno: 372 hp,356 tq
Location: Rep. of Panama 1/4 Mile: 13.7 @ 102.8

Antonio Liu
I bought this 1997 Supra from Jeremy ( upgrade of Single Turbo Greddy T78, with a dyno of 509rwhp@19.6psi on 93octane 10.5:1-11.4:1 air/fuel. Right now is on a new project for this Supra, and the tuning and dyno is coming on march 2005. Modifications on the Project: -Built motor with comprenssion of 8.5:1 -Ported head 5 angle job -J&E customs forged pistons overbore 0.020 -Carrillo H Beam forged rods -ARP head Stud, main crank, rod bolts -Ferrea dual valve springs, retainers, 0.1mm oversize valves -HKS camshafts 264 -HKS camgears -HKS 1.2mm metal stopper head gasket -ATI dampner crank pulley -Custom ported intake manifold polish -Custom intake manifold piping polish -PHR stage 5 turbo kit with ITS DBB 76mm turbo, 4" midpipe, 4" downpipe -HKS tubular 60mm single turbo header -HKS GT wastegate -MOTEC M48 Standalone -AEM CDI-8 -PWR radiator -Dual flex-a-lite fans -TRD 160 degree thermostat -Full fuel system upgrade (twin WALBRO in- tank pumps with relays and electromagnetic wrap, -6an fuel line, high flow racing fuel filter, Aeromotive adjustable fuel pressure regulator, PHR/AAP fuel rail with dual end feeds and center return line, Seimens 850cc injectors, all fittings/etc,) -GREDDY 4-ROW Intercooler -Apexi 2.5Bar Boost gauge -DEFI LINK CONTROL UNIT -DEFI BF 60MM oil temp -DEFI BF 60MM EGT -DEFI BF 60MM fuel pressure -DEFI BF 60MM oil pressure -DEFI BF 60MM water temp -HKS SSBOV x 2 -Complete custom 150-300 shot direct port nitrous -GReddy 16-row oil cooler with filter relocation kit -Nitrous Express N-TER COOLER -TRD 10,000rpm tachometer -TRD 320km/hour speedometer -Racelogic traction control system -Battery relocation -OS GIKEN twin disk clutch -GREDDY profec B boost controller -GREDDY turbo timer -FUJITSOBO exhaust -TEIN FLEX coilovers -TEIN EDFC control -SFS front strut tower brace (polished with blue end-links) -Cusco rear strut tower brace (polished with blue end- links) -Brembo 14" cross drilled rotors with 4 big pistons calipers -Volk Racing SF Winning 18"x9" front and 18"x10" rear -BFGoodrich G-force KD 265/35/18 front and 295/35/18 rear -TOP SECRET front bumper -TRD Carbon fiber Hood -STILLEN side skirt -VEILSIDE C1 rear bumper -Rod Millen (RMM) wing More pictures update coming soon.... :-)

Year/Model: 1997 Supra Single Turbo Dyno: 509 hp
Location: Rep. of Panama 1/4 Mile: (none)

Kostas Poniros
Running in True Twin mode, 16 Psi on the Stock Twins. TRD single disc clutch, Akimoto intake, eibach pro kit/Tokiko ADJ struts. Apexi N1 exhaust/Tanabe Downpipe. Greddy Profec B Boost controller/Greddy T-Timer.HKS Super Sequential BOV, Fluidyne Aluminum Radiator. B&M Short Throw Shifter.... thats bout it but much more to come this winter. will update pics soon. o ya and i bought this car from Jeremy (owner of this site) and of course I highly recommend if your in the market for a Supra to buy from him, I am very satisfied with my purchase and have been for almost 2 years now :) ... heres the link to my sale page on This site ...

Year/Model: 1994 Toyota Supra Dyno: 400 ~ish hp,same tq
Location: Thornton Colorado 1/4 Mile: (none)

Eric Ingram
1995 JDM Toyota Supra hardtop. Engine: HKS T04Z BB turbo kit, HKS 800cc fuel system, twin in-tank Walbro fuel pumps, Sard fuel regulator, HKS Racing Type II Wastegate, HKS Type II BOV, HKS Type R intercooler, Greddy hard pipe kit, FWin racing radiator, HKS oil cooler with relocator kit, HKS 264 cams, HKS Twin Power DLI Ignition system, Apexi spark plugs, Greddy pulley kit. Electronics: HKS FCon Vpro fuel computer, Blitz SBC-ID boost controller, Blitz Power meter ID, Blitz turbo timer, Defi controller, Defi BF fuel pressure, oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature gauges, apexi EL boost/EGT gauges. Transmission: 6-speed, Ogura Twin plate racing clutch, lightened flywheel. Exhaust: Apexi Exhaust. Wheels/Brakes: Brembo Big Brake kit w/ special order gold calipers/centers (front), Goodridge steel braided brake lines, 18in Zeit wheels w/ Yokohama Neova 265/35/ZR18 (rear) and Dunlop 235/40/ZR 18 (front). Other: 1998 Head light and tail lights, Bilstein suspension, Mines strut tower, Driver and passenger Recaro seats (Japanese option) with Sabelt harnesses, Veilside shift knob, Momo steering wheel.

Year/Model: 1995 Supra Dyno: 600hp hp,580 tq
Location: Okinawa, Japan 1/4 Mile: (none)

Vic B.
This car was sold by in the past (, and was brought back in for more modifications to make the most of the RPS 58mm turbo on the car. The upgrades performed by SpeedForSale are:
  • MAP-ECU (speed-density convertor and fuel controller piggyback, VERY reliable)
  • AAP fuel system (twin in-tank pumps, -6an stainless-steel braided fuel line, Russell high flow fuel filter, new stock fuel filter, PHR fuel rail (dual end feed/center return), Siemens 720cc injectors, Aeromotive adjustable fuel pressure regulator, -6an fuel pulsation dampner bypass line)
  • HKS Racing BOV Type 2
  • GReddy 3-row front-mount intercooler
  • HKS Carbon-Ti 3.74" catback exhaust
  • '97-style clear turn signals
  • oil pump/front main/cam seals
  • Dyno/wideband tuning coming in October...

Year/Model: 1994 Supra Single Turbo (58mm) Dyno: - hp,- tq
Location: Columbus, SC 1/4 Mile: - @ -

Todd D.
This car had some 'clean-up work' performed by, which pretty much involved cleaning up mistakes and sloppy work performed by whoever installed all the modifications in the past. It has had a 3 page feature done on it in 'Sport Compact Car' magazine. Here is a mods list along with a few pics...
  • Greddy T78 Turbo Kit
  • Greddy SP Exhaust
  • Greddy 3row FMIC w/ piping
  • HKS Turbo Timer
  • Apexi AVC-R Boost Controller
  • AEM EMS Standalone ECU
  • DIY FJO Wideband02 w/ Display
  • Full Rudora Body Kit (Genuine from Japan)
  • Blitz Rear Wing
  • Authenic Abflug Hood
  • HKS 720cc Injectors
  • HKS Fuel Rail
  • Walbro HiVol Fuel Pump
  • Earl -6 Fuel Line all around
  • SX Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Greddy Type-R BOV welded on Lower IC pipe near signal
  • GAB Front Strut Tower Bar
  • Cusco Rear Strut Tower Bar
  • HKS Twin Power DLI Ignition
  • A-Pillar Pod w/ Apexi EL Boost Guage
  • Power Slot Front Brake Rotors
  • Endless CC-S Front & Rear Pads
  • Autometer Fuel Pressure Guage
  • Clarion AutoPC 301c head unit
  • TRD Oil & Raditor Caps
  • Carbon Fiber Dash
  • Veilside Shift Knob
  • MSW Type45 17x10 17x8
  • Clutchmaster Stage 4 Clutch
  • Clutchmaster Aluminum Flywheel
  • HKS Upperpipe
  • probably more things left off...

Year/Model: 1993 Supra Turbo (T78) Hardtop Dyno: ~600 hp,~550 tq
Location: Atlanta, GA 1/4 Mile: - @ -

Jack B.
1 of 31 Royal Sapphire Pearl 6-speed Supras made. 1-owner, 33k miles. Mods include:
  • GReddy 3-row front-mount intercooler
  • HKS Super Dragger catback exhaust
  • 3" downpipe
  • Stillen front bumper
  • Stillen side skirts
  • Veilside rear skirts
  • Akimoto-syle air intake
  • clear front side markers
  • Autometer boost gauge
  • SFS short-throw shifter
  • PHR upper radiator hardpipe
  • Flex-a-lite electric fans
  • 3-piece underdrive pulley set

Year/Model: 1997 Supra Twin Turbo Dyno: - hp,- tq
Location: Knoxville, TN 1/4 Mile: - @ -

Mods installed by 'Speed For':
  • Apexi S-AFC 2 (dyno-tuned w/ wideband O2 on 93 octane)
  • re-sealed entire 6-speed manual transmission & changed fluid
  • rear main seal
  • manual boost controller
  • K&N air filter cleaning
  • clean-up/re-solder VPC wires
  • lots of hose/wire/zip-tie clean-up
  • SFS short throw shifter
  • '97-style clear turn signals
  • SFS Italian leather shift boot (not shown in pictures)
These pictures are VERY old, new ones coming soon along with a new clutch, and single turbo/fuel soon!

Year/Model: 1995 Supra Twin Turbo Dyno: 426 hp,455 tq
Location: Atlanta, GA 1/4 Mile: - @ -

Dale J.
Mods installed by Speed For Sale in preparation for running the Supra at Nashville's road-race coarse:
  • SFS high-flow intake with polished hardpipe
  • SFS polished strut brace/red endlinks
  • B&M transmission oil cooler w/ 7" fan
  • new tranny filter/pan gasket/OEM T4 fluid
  • RedLine 75w90 differential fluid
  • SFS red PCV catch can
  • TRD thermostat
  • PWR radiator
  • Flex-a-lite dual electric fans
  • Blitz 18psi radiator cap
  • RedLine water wetter
  • OEM motor mounts
  • SFS plugs @ .035
  • Goodrich stainless-steel braided brake lines

Year/Model: 1994 Supra Twin Turbo Dyno: - hp,- tq
Location: Nashville, TN 1/4 Mile: - @ -

Chris C.
Ultra-rare wingless anthracite hardtop with factory cloth interior. Mods installed by 'Speed For Sale' include 3" Downpipe, N1 catback
Other mods include: Greddy 3-row front mount intercooler, HKS SSBOV, manual boost controller, K&N filter, and GReddy boost gauge, Volk wheels, and more.

Year/Model: 1993 Supra Twin Turbo Hardtop Dyno: - hp,- tq
Location: Atlanta, GA 1/4 Mile: - @ -

Justin Rush
( mods include... Top Secret front bumper, Bomex side skirts, Rod Millen Wing, do-luck rear defuser, White/ blue pearl paint. 18" ADR Cyphers Upgrades Include... GT45 turbo 70mm, CPF frontmount CPF Piping, CPF 4" Downpipe, Greddy typeR BOV, Greddy profecb boost controller, Greddy turbo timer Topspeed TB exhaust, 720cc injectors, Twin 255lph walbro fuel pumps, TH400 built tranny, Bump shift, 4200 stall, trans brake, MAP ECU>fuel Control Topspeed strut tower, Mods to come... CPF Intake manifold Cams Do-luck front bumper, stillen side skirts, Rear ad on's Full suspension Anteras type 309 wheels 18x11/18x9.5, 97-98 style headlights(and taillights) or euro. glass, TRD seats 4pt cage

Year/Model: 1995 Supra Dyno: (none)
Location: Fannin, GA 1/4 Mile: (none)